IMM Psychology Commissariat UAD Held National Photography Competition

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, February 01, 2015 02:00 WIB

Yogyakarta – In celebrating the great event of “IMM Bersinergi” that was held by IMM Psychology Commissariat of Universitas Ahmad Dahan (UAD) of Yoyakarta, one of the chain events, which was conducted was the National IMM Commissariat Photography Competition, taking the main theme of AksiInspiratifPergerakan(Inspiring Movement Action).

This AksiInspiratifPergerakan included the activities of the commissariat in Indonesia that would inspire developmental movement by a commissariat to other commissariats. Therefore, we encouraged all cadres of IMM commissariat from all over Indonesia. This was stated by the Chairman of IMM Psychology Commissariat of UAD, Muhammad ZulfikarNur, in his press release accepted in the editorials of on Friday (01/31)

“The deadline for this photography competition is March 1, 2015. The photos that are sent to us are the best of commissariat events by adding short description in more than 100 words so that people will know the essence of the photo and it is sent by individual participant,” said Zulfikar.

Zulfikar added that the main purpose of IMM Bersinergi was to strengthen the bonds of kinship and to introduce IMM Psychology Commissariat of UAS to specifically psychology society, general public, and IMM all over Indonesia. (dzar)


The followings were the requirements to join the competition:

Terms of participation:

1.       This event is open to all cadres of IMM Commissariat of Indonesia (individual participation)

2.       Each participant will need to pay Rp 25,000 as registration fee to:

BRI                         :206001002613506 (I Putu Tara AdiPratama)

BNI                         :0342196221 (AmaliaLailiBarokah)

MANDIRI             : 1700000421010 (Ayu Tri Lestari)

BCA                        : 1970249211 (Aini Zahra)

Send the confirmation of registration fee with the format <Name_HomeCommissariat_Bank Name> to 085741688905 (Bintari)

3.       Each participant send only one of their best piece with theme “AksiInspiratifPergerakan” (KegiatanKomisariat)

4.       Put “FotografiIMMBersinergi_(NAMA)_AsalKomisariat” in the subject tab and send the photo to

5.       The participant should put a short description (min 100 words) of each photo.

General requirements:

1.       This event is open for all commissariat cadres of Muhammadiyah College Students Association all over Indonesia.

2.       The photo sent for competition is digitally taken and is given the date when it is taken.

3.       Each photo should be completed with identity of the participant: name, home commissariat, title, address, phone number/mobile phone number, e-mail address.

4.       Editing/retouching is NOT allowed.

5.       Copyright of the photo is participant’s possession; however, the committee has the right to publish the photo for the event of IMM Bersinergi.

6.       The photo has never been included in any kind of competition.

7.       Accepted format is JPEG.


First winner: Rp 1,000,000 and Certificate of Merit

Second winner: Rp 750,000 and Certificate of Merit

Third Winner: Rp 500,000 and Certificate of Merit