‘Aisyiyah Want KAPOLRI Free From Corruption Indication

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, January 27, 2015 09:52 WIB

Yogyakarta – ‘Aisyiyah as one of the important elements in civilians wanted the candidate suggested by the President for the position of KAPOLRI free from any indication of corruption, so that the big name of POLRI had more reputation and had strong legitimation from the people. The quarrel between KPK and POLRI would not make people stepped back from the fight against corruption.
According to the General Chairman of ‘Aisyiyah Central Executive, Siti Noordjannah Djohantini, in her press conference held on Monday (01/26), every kind of effort to weaken KPK was an act that could hurt people’s heart, because the act of corruption eradication should be collective action, and people had agreed that corruption was public enemy for Indonesia. Siti Noordjanah added that the pinnacle point of the Nation leader such as President Jokowi should take concrete step for solve the problem between two big institutions; KPK RI and POLRI. “A stricter act such as canceling the decision of electing Budi Gunawan as KAPOLRI and replacing him with corruption-free candidate, KAPOLRI is a big and important position, and there are a lot of things at stake here in the POLRI. Therefore, electing a corruption-free candidate is highly needed to make an example for the people,” she affirmed. (mac)

In its statement, ‘Aisyiyah gave three main emphasis points, they are:

1.       Supporting the Commission of Corruption Eradication (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi/KPK) to never give up in carrying out their main task to eradicate corruption. Therefore, we are against every form of action to weaken KPK in any form, with any reason, by any one. The act to weaken KPK will not only harm KPK and the efforts to eradicate corruption, but also the People’s and Nation’s interest.

2.       Hoping that the law enforcing institutions (including the Police of Indonesia) to be institutions with high commitment in the act of eradicating corruption, and to be institutions that is free from any form of corruption, reputable, and therefore gaining the public trust.

3.       The President of Indonesia should take firm action in eradicating corruption in order to save the country. President should not compromise on behalf of anything to anyone, which could sever the act of eradicating corruption, which therefore could conduct clean and free from corruption governance that in the end will be able to raise the people’s prosperity.