Din: the Muhammadiyah Value Must be Actualized

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, January 26, 2015 13:20 WIB

Sleman – Factors encouraging changes in Indonesia, the internal and external factors coupled with the power of the majority of Muslims, but if the majority was not going well, it would be failed. It was announced by the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Din Syamsuddin in the event of Darul Arqam and National Instructor Training, Cadre Education Council of Central Executive of Muhammadiyah, at the Cultural Arts Building PPPPTK Sleman Yogyakarta, on Sunday afternoon (25/1).

Dinadded that Muhammadiyah needed to respond positively to solve problems of the above factors. Muhammadiyah needed to have a self defense in solving social problems of today's society. Din also asserted that Muhammadiyah should have a cultural strategy, because it would take Muhammadiyah in terms of adaptation to new things.

“Muhammadiyah abad kedua akan berbeda dengan Muhammadiyah Abad Pertama, oleh sebab itu kader Muhammadiyah harus sudah siap menerima tantangan abad kedua ini,” ujarnya.

"Muhammadiyah in the Second Century will be different from the First Century, therefore Muhammadiyah cadres must be ready to accept the challenges of this century," he said.

Din also left a message to be able to form a cadre competency character in facing these challenges. Muhammadiyah cadres should understand the value of Muhammadiyah in depth, understanding the value of Muhammadiyah had to be actualized in the community.

Cadre Education Council of Central Executive of Muhammadiyahorganized National Instructor Trainingin order to form a cadre of new trainers in terms of doing regeneration in Muhammadiyah in training Darul Arqam in each region. Activities carried out since Friday (23/1) to Friday (30/1). (Dhar)


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