Anti-Corruption Youth Declaration in Inauguration of PW IPM Banten

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, January 21, 2015 16:30 WIB

Tangerang – On Saturdaty (1/11), the Chairman of Provincial Executive Board of Muhammadiyah Students Association (Ikatan Pelajar Muhammadiyah/IPM) of Banten for 2014-2016 was officially inaugurated by M. Khoirul Huda, the General Chairman of IPM Central Executive. The event was held in one of the meeting halls in Hotel Allium, Tangerang. It was attended by Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive of Banten, the Central and Provincial Branch of Young Male Association (Pemuda Muhammadiyah) of Banten, the Central Executive of IPM, PDM Tangerang, ASDA Tangerang, and the representatives of PD IPM of Banten.

The event was then continued by the public discussion on the Collective Movement against Corruption (Gerakan Berjamaah Melawan Korupsi) with Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak, the General Chairman of Young Male Central Executive, as the keynote speaker, and bapak Thabrani from ASDA Tangerang as the moderator. In one of the discussion session, Dahnil stated that the collective movement against corruption should absolutely be done and more importantly, should be done collectively. Parallel with what he believed in, in the end of the session, Dahnil encouraged PW IPM Banten and all the guests who attended the event to collectively declare their action against corruption by utilizing the available social media. The event ended at 13:00 local time and was continued by Up Grading & RAKERPIM (Meeting) of PW IPM Banten, which was held in Perguruan Muhammadiyah Cipondoh. (Sonhu Sun)(Mac)