UMM Alumni train the making of Community Video for high school students across Malang

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, September 15, 2011 18:18 WIB

About 90 high school student across Malang participated in Community Video Workshop held by Audio Visual Club, Communication Department Faculty of Social and Political Science UMM on last Tuesday (13/9). Taking place at 1st floor hall of AR. Fachruddin Mosque, the participants were divided into 18 teams to make community video. 

The Chief of Communication Department, Dra. Frida Kusumastuti, MSi, said the workshop was to be learning event for the clubs in Communication Department. "Through this workshop, I hope we can be media creator that produce our own works, so, we may not depend on some big industries and get influenced from other culture hegemony," she said.  

The workshop presented three speakers who were experienced in producing video documentaries. All three were the alumni of Communication Department of UMM and ever won the documentary video competition of Eagle Awards Metro TV. They were Tedika Puri, Taufan Agustian, and Abdul Malik. Furthermore, the extraordinary lecturer coming was Rinto Agung.

According to Tedi, the principle of community video was initiated from a question issuing how media had already been accomodating audience needs. "Many media are not able to accommodate the public interest community yet, so, we must be able to make video that give a positive impact for them," said Tedi, winner on video documentary competition of Eagle Awards Metro Tv 2008.

Two other materials about the cinematography were brought out by the Taufan and Abdul Malik, who had won the Eagle Awards 2009. While the other about video editting was spoken by Rinto.

This workshop themed "To be Awake of Reality through Creativity in Community Video." The Chief of event, Faizal Renaldy, mentioned that the audio visual products was not only in form of fiction films and documentaries but also community videos seemed to be important to learn from early age. It hoped that involving high school and vocational student in the workshop would be more effective because in their age, they remained very creative thinking and work.

"By following this workhop, I hope my friends would be more active and creative learners in creating a community video," said M. Nuzul, participant from high school Batu.

The worshop was carried out in a series of activities called as Adu Karya Indonesia (Akar) with the theme "Coloring Indonesia with the Work of Nations". The top of Akar event will take place in UMM Dome theater on September 29, 2011. In this event, the participants including the students, alumni, and lecturers of Communication Department would be awarded for their audio visual works.

(trans by hm-uhamka)