UMM Bestowed Honorary Doctor Award to Warrior of Empowerment

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, December 19, 2014 15:45 WIB

Malang – The conferment of honorary education award, DoktorHonorisCausa (Dr HC) of Faculty of Social Science and Politics in society empowerment field to Said Tuhuleley, the Head of Public Empowerment Council (MajelisPemberdayaanMasyarakat/MPM) of Muhammadiyah Central Executive was the first time since Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UniversitasMuhammadiyah Malang/UMM) was established in 1964. It was as stated by PromotorDoktorHonorisCausa, Malik Fadjar to hundreds of guests who were invited in the Doctor (HC) Awarding Ceremony to Said Tuhuleley in Basement Dome of UMM on Friday morning (12/19).

The former Minister of Education in President Megawati Era added that the awarding ceremony of Doctor (HC) Award was a form of UMM’s appreciation in education and the dedication of Said Tuhuleley towards Muhammadiyah through public empowerment service for all these years.

“What Said Tuhuleley done in MPM was a synergic social tauhid with grand Muhammadiyah theme in building a developmental Indonesia (Indonesia berkemajuan),” stated Malik Fadjar who was also the former Rector of UMM in the 1990s.

Said Tuhuleley was the Head of MPM PP Muhammadiyah since 2005-2010 and 2010-2015. His efforts in developing the movement of Al Ma’un was realized through public empowerment efforts in the society. He was born in Saparua, Maluku. Since he was young, Said diligently participated in spreading Islamic teaching in the Islamic Students Organization when he was studying in IKIP Yogyakarta.

Then, Said actively participated as the Secretary of Muhammadiyah Youth Male Organization in Maluku and was a member of Cadre Education Council, the Higher Education Council, and Research and Development Institution in the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board.

In the Awarding Ceremony, the Rector UMM, as well as the Head of Senates Member of UMM, Muhajir Effendi said to Said Tuhuleley that his efforts had amazing influence and benefits in public empowerment, “So today, it was the most fitting that UMM bestowed this award. Said Tuhuleley proved that concrete effort in public empowerment through Muhammadiyah,” he said. (dzar)