Merry Celebration Muhammadiyah Anniversary in Gowa

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, December 15, 2014 10:10 WIB

Gowa – PDM Gowaheld the 105thMuhammadiyahAnniversary Celebration. The Muhammadiyah Regional Executive of KabupatenGowa held the 105th anniversary with the theme of “GerakanPencerahanMenuju Indonesia Berkemajuan” in GedungWanitaSungguminasa on Sunday (12/14).

This event was held at the same time with the launching of book entitled “MentariBersinar di Gowa,” which was written by Basri B. Mattayang and the announcement for the winner of Sports and Cultural Week (PekanOlahragadanSeni/Porseni) between Muhammadiyah schools in regional level held by PendidikanDasardanMenengah (Dikdasmen) Muhammadiyah.

The Chief Committee, Muh. Bahar in his opening speech stated that “today chain event is also to announce the winner of Porseni, in which 55 Muhammadiyah schools in KabGowa participated in, and as a part of the selection phase for national level pra-muktamar,” he said. The event was attended by the Vice Regent of Gowa—Drs H. Abbas Alauddin, M.H., the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive—Dr. Alwiuddin, M.Ag., and one member of DPD RI—AM IqbalParewangi.

Other autonomous organization of Muhammadiyah such as Young Male Organization, Aisyiyah, NasyiatulAisyiah, and Muhammadiyah Students Association also attended the event.

The General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Executive of Gowa, Drs. H. NashirWahab, M.H in his speech stated that “Until today, Muhammadiyah had reached its 105th years/102 M and had been through many challenges. However, Muhammadiyah will remain stand tall and fight for its mission in spreading Islamic teaching and tajdid,” as explained by NashirWahab.

Furthermore, the Chief Committee expected that Muhammadiyah in the future would be better compared to the previous years. (arif) (dzar)