Milad University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Evidence of the Muhammadiyah History of World Education

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, December 04, 2014 13:59 WIB

Jakarta– The 59th Milad (anniversary) of University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ) was a testament to the history of Muhammadiyah role in education. It was delivered by Malik Fajar, the Chief of Central Executive of Muhammadiyah at the 59th Milad of UMJ reception in the courtyard of the Plaza Campus of UMJ, Jl.KH.Ahmad Dahlan Cirendeu-Chester, Thursday (4/12)   

Malik Fajar stated, in his speech, that UMJ was theSpirit of University of Muhammadiyah all over Indonesia and UMJ should be kept staring ahead. "UMJ is the Qiblah of University of Muhammadiyah all over Indonesia", he said clearly.

This former Minister of Education also showed the achievements of UMJ currently under the leadership of Rector Masyitoh Chusnan. "UMJ showed a lot of progress and development, it is also full of achievement", he added.

Mr.Muchtar Lutfi, the UMJ Alumni who is also a senior lecturer STTI, appreciated UMJ success in his testimony Muchtar Lutfi said "STTI getting forward and this achievement Masyitoh Chusnan mother" Obviously.

In her speech,Rector Masyitoh Chusnan would like to thank the entire academic community who had been raising and succeeded UMJ so that there was this progress, as now; she said that UMJ had to continue to carry out its duties, "The age of 59 is not young anymore. At the age of 59, UMJ should be developed further in the future, " she concluded.

RohimiZam Zam, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 59th UMJ Milad, said Milad ke- 59 wasa manifestation of deep gratitude on the long journey up the road toward success with the winding, climbing and sometimes lots of thorns. It is an infinite gratitude with the spirit and cohesiveness to the trip at this age.

Rohimi explain to appreciate this age of 59, therefore UMJ conducted activities as a token of appreciation for the relentless devotion to work in this country. The activities that had been organized in order to celebrate the milad among them are: Launching Collection of Lecturer Work Books, and writing as Gift from UMJ for the nation, various competitions, both MTQ, sports, and the arts (MTQ race, Islamic Poetry Readings and Vocal Group for Lecturers, Choir and Saman Dance Competition between the Faculty followed by Students), Carnival and Healthy Walk, International Seminar, and Exhibition Bazaar, and The Election of Lecturer, Personnel and Student Achievement. And Alhamdulillah all events ran smoothly and successfully. (Dhar)