President Joko Widodo Holds The 5th World Peace Forum of Muhammadiyah

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, November 20, 2014 15:55 WIB

Jakarta – The Central Executive of Muhammadiyah will hold an Internationalevent, the World Peace Forum V (WPF) which will be held for four days, 20 to 23 November, 2014. For Further Planning, it is going to be held in Atlet Century Hotel, Jakarta. This event will be attended by 50 world leaders from 21 countries. As well as planned anyway, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, will give a speech at the summit as well as opening the event.


WPF5 itself was organized by Muhammadiyah in collaboration with Cheng Ho Multi Culture Trust and Centre for Dialogue and Corporation among Civilitation (CDCC). The theme of this event was Consolidating Multicultural Democracy.


The biennialinternational forum was first held in Jakarta on 14-16 August 2006 with One Humanity, One Destiny, One Responsibility as the theme. In accordance with the recommendation of WPF-1, One Humanity, One Destiny, One Responsibility was served as a constant theme of WPF.


The purposeof this event was to develop an open dialogue about the issues of identity, multiculturalism, and democracy from various society. In addition, this forum would also formulate the embodiment of the concept of One Humanity, One Destiny, One Responsibility as a basic philosophy of multiculturalism.


"This WPF-5 in 2014 emphasizes the importance of multicultural democratic consolidation," said Din to the editor of, Monday (17/11).


Of the 150 figure that is scheduled to attend, a total of 48 leaders from 21 countries had confirmed their attendance. This event, said Din, was able to bring together the leaders from various circles so that the aim of the forum for cross-peace with the approach pattern of the policy holders, clergy, businessmen, to the media could be enfolded. The opening of WPF-5 will be opened in the hall of Nusantara  IV of the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday night (20/11) as well as the anniversary reception of Muhammadiyah of 105/102 Year.