Celebrating Milad of Muhammadiyah, the Regional Board of Muhammadiyah (PDM) of Pekalongan Held Various Agenda

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, November 14, 2014 07:47 WIB

Pekalongan - In commemoration of the 102 anniversary of Muhammadiyah, Pekalongan Muhammadiyah Regional Board held a variety of activities. Some of these activities were Muhammadiyah School Festival, Milad Assembly followed by a fun walk, the National Seminar and Tabligh Akbar with speakers from the central board of Muhammadiyah, which was coupled with a free examination and treatment as well as a blood donor.


PDM Chairman of Pekalongan. HM Hasan Bisysri, accompanied by Chairman of the Milad Committee, Nyoto Slamet, when they were met at his office at the House of Muhammadiyah Da'wah, Jl. KHM. Mansour Pekalongan pointed out, if the whole set of milad was intended to reaffirm the spirit of bermuhammadiyah and berukhuwah. "Muhammadiyah organization that has been 102 years, and has sailed the various conditions of Indonesia, is the only pioneering independence organization that still exist and up to today. Its role, achievement and all charitable efforts are perceived by the Indonesian nation," he said.


If it is calculated with the masehi calendar, Muhammadiyah is 102 years now, since Ahmad Dahlan erected on November 18, 1912. Meanwhile, if it is calculated using the Hijrah calendar, Muhammadiyah reached 105 years, because it was coincided with 8 Hijjah 1330 H. it can happen considering that the calculation of the Hijrah calendar is based on lunar calendar of the earth and Masehi calender is based on the circulation of the earth to the sun which creates 11 days in difference between two systems each year. So it has 3 years of difference between masehi and Hijriah calendar in every 100 years.


Moreover, Hasan Bisysri stated that a whole series of activities in order to celebrate this milad was still relatively modest in the middle of the Indonesian nation concern nowadays. It was based on the instructions of the central  and the regional boards. "In principle, we as the commitee in regional areas only execute the instructions in accordance to the capabilities we have," he said.


Meanwhile, the chairman of the milad committee, Nyoto Slamet, explained that the celebration of milad for year was divided into four activities; Muhammadiyah school porseni, milad assembly, seminar, and tabligh akbar. Muhammadiyah schools porseni was concentrated in Muhammadiyah vocational school (SMK). Porseni held three sports; sepak takraw, table tennis and volleyball ball, and the two branches of art; the art of calligraphy and choir. Meanwhile, milad assembly and fun walk were centered in the West Parking of Kraton Stadium, a national seminar was in the hall STIE Muhammadiyah and Tabligh Akbar was in MTs Muhammadiyah. "We all hope, the entire milad agenda, especially milad assembly, fun walk and tabligh akbar can be followed by all cadres and sympathizers of Muhammadiyah along with his extended family, both at the local level, branches, and its charitable efforts, so the efforts of continuing and remaining firm in spirit bermuhammadiyah can be achieved, "he added. (Dhar)




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