UMY commits to produce Smart Graduates with Noble Character

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, September 09, 2011 12:35 WIB

 Yogyakarta - University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) commits to produce graduates who are not just smart, but also with good character. News in media coverage show up disputes among elite public figures, that often makes people feel ashamed. It motivates UMY to continually  improve the educational system in order to really be able to produce qualified graduates. So that it would later promote figures smart and with noble characters.

This was expressed by the UMY rector, Ir. H.M. Dasron Hamid, M. Sc, in his speech at the gathering of parents of new students (Maba) on Thursday (8 /9) in Sportorium UMY. The event was attended by around 2000 parents of UMY new students.

On this occasion Dasron introduced all departments in UMY, with total of 26 departments, including the graduate school. "With this gathering, in advanced we expect that parents of the new students can participate to support UMY and continually motivate their children to excel," said Dasron.

Meanwhile the Vice Rector III, Sri Putra Atmaja R., ST., MSc.Eng., PhD, told that the new academic year this 2011 UMY accepted about 3000 new students spread across seven faculties. "As form of commitment to produce superior Human Resources (HR), UMY implements the consulting formation and development of students toward high achieved students and with noble character," Sri explained.

Continual Efforts said Sri Atmaja, had been performed in a dynamic learning process with the support from qualified teaching staffs. "In addition, a consistent fostering pattern has been running under full of trust in line with the vision of higher education of UMY to produce the superior graduates and Islamic based." Sri explained.

 To Introduce New Students with Positive Activities on Campus Environment

In a separate place, Chief of Academic Bureau UMY, Drs. Rahmanto Bambang explained that on this occasion the new students would be given positive and constructive activities so that they would become increasingly comfortable with the campus environment and were interested to participate in it.

Therefore, during Ta'aruf (mataf) UMY new students would be given a variety of activities that were instructive and educational. "Because basically this mataf is a process of introduction of new students on campus. So it is expected that the introduction of campus activities provided is not difficult for new students. Mataf was held from Friday to Saturday (9-10/9). "Bambang said.

Bambang added that basically mataf agenda was about the introduction of the campus, lectures, choice of activities, and campus facility that was the policy of each study program. "It is intended that the new students will get the information that supports further lectures such as understanding the mechanisms of lectures, get a picture after graduation, and aware of career guidance in the campus." He explained.

UMY also scheduled the introduction of other campus activities such as Islamic Orientation Basic Studies (OSDI). "If mataf is an overall introduction to campus, the OSDI is Islamic debriefing activities for new students proposed for Maba to have better understanding of Islam, knowing about the Muhammadiyah, and will ultimately have appropriate faith in Islam. Later OSDI will be held over two days. "The first day is on Monday (12 / 9) for a new male student and on Tuesday (13 / 9) for a new female students." He explained.

The series of events were to include "Islamic Life's Choices" and "Become a Winning Muslim and Islamic spirit" in form of lectures and discussions. Further it would present 11 speakers from UMY internal figures and ESQ trainer from PP Muhammadiyah.

In OSDI this time, it had also been scheduled of the play of film "The Enlightenment (Sang Pencerah)" at the beginning of the show. "The film is to introduce the Muhammadiyah, to give insight to new students about the struggle of KH Ahmad Dahlan in purifying Islam. "He said.

(Trans by hm-uhamka)