105 Muhammadiyah Anniversary Told Indonesian President to be Consistent in Words and Action

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, November 05, 2014 07:28 WIB

Yogyakarta – Through the 105th Muhammadiyah Anniversary or 102 Miladiah on 18 Dzulhijah 1435 H and November 18, 2014, Muhammadiyah Central Executive told the Nation’s elitists to wholeheartedly contribute for the Nation, and especially asked the authorities to follow their obligation to always stay consistent between words and actions.

This was stated in the Official Speech for Muhammadiyah Anniversary of Muhammadiyah Central Executive (Pidato Resmi Milad Muhammadiyah Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah), which was sent to the editorial email on Monday (11/4). In the official speech, Muhammadiyah presented their challenge and moral commitment that in building a country, it was also important to build just, peace, trust, kinship, autonomy, and moral values that were developed by the name of truth and kindness. Muhammadiyah asked the government in all levels to improve the commitment and sincerity in developing the nation, by promoting justice and honesty, standing up for common interest, instead of partisan’s interest, partnering up with the Nation components, including Muhammadiyah, and was able to show nationalism at its best.

Furthermore, as explained in the Anniversary Speech made by Muhammadiyah Central Executive, they also asked Muhammadiyah members and Indonesian people to always self-reflect and keep reforming, because the future depended on the moral of the people and its Nation leader, along with honesty and complied with the mandate of the Nation. (mac)

Following is the complete Muhammadiyah Anniversary Speech of Muhammadiyah Central Executive.



Alhamdulillah, we should be thankful to Allah SWT that until today, Muhammadiyah already reaches its 105th /102 M anniversary in running the messages of Islamic teaching on earth. It is a meaningful gift from Allah, as well as a proof of never ending struggle by Muhammadiyah and the trust by the society for every mission in spreading Islamic teaching and tajdid done by this Islamic Movement. It is not easy for Islamic organization to keep standing tall in a century time range, with its happiness and sadness on our pathways.

There are a lot of things pioneered and developed by Muhammadiyah for Indonesia and its people through charities and Islamic practices for the sake of development. There are still some left unattended and have not done by, which remains a challenge for Muhammadiyah to accomplish this through its missions. Some challenges had been faced by Muhammadiyah on our long winding road. However, Muhammadiyah still stands tall and tirelessly acts for the sake of brightening the people and nation, specifically, and the universal world in general. Although we still face our challenges, which some are neglected or misunderstood by some groups, Muhammadiyah remains on its feet on struggling for spreading Islamic teaching and tajdid, thus the history saw how Muhammadiyah was established and made an effort to bring the Nation to baldatun thayyibatun wa Rabbun ghafur and realizing Islam as rahmatan lil-‘alamin.

The proof of Muhammadiyah’s efforts for the Nation was officially recognized by Indonesian Government in 1961 on the event of approving Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan as a National Hero. Through Surat Keputusan Presiden Soekarno Nomor 657 on 27 December 1961, there were four considerations on K.H. Ahmad Dahlan’s appointment as a National Hero; they are: (1) KH Dahlan had pioneered the raise of Muslims in Indonesia to realize their fate of being occupied nation, but they should still learn and act; (2) With an organization—Muhammadiyah—he established, he had given pure Islamic teaching to the people; Islamic teaching that demands development, intelligence, act for people and Muslims based on faith and Islam; (3) Muhammadiyah had pioneered the social charities and education that is heavily needed by the Nation’s development and improvement, by the teaching of Islam; (4) Under Women movement or ‘Aisyiyah, had pioneered the raise of Indonesian women to have education and had social function, equal with men.

Therefore, those who ignores or disrespects Muhammadiyah’s effort, it shows that they lack of understanding on the national history where Muhammadiyah had stood from the very beginning for the freedom and development of Indonesia. On the other hand, those who support, empathize, and work together with Muhammadiyah, it shows their understanding and constructive national vision in reading the national history, as well as making Muhammadiyah as an integral part attached in the Nation with all the tireless efforts and sacrifices.  Muhammadiyah will never count on the things we have done, but the mention of all the efforts was to remind and as a lesson for the future generation to be able to respect the efforts of Indonesian people and the Nation’s component of placing the foundation of the Nation today.

Four years ago, on July 3-8, 2010, Muhammadiyah had held a century Muktamar in the city where Muhammadiyah was founded, Yogyakarta. Muhammadiyah consistenly tried to improve the Nation and the world in general. Muhammadiyah had strong commitment to make Indonesian people as the best ones (khaira ummah) and the Nation as baldatun thayyibatin wa Rabbun ghafur (a good country that is forgiven by God). Muhammadiyah’s mission was affirmed as spreading Islamic’s teaching to promote kindness, urging to do good deeds, and avoiding bad deeds following Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.’s  stride as written in Al Quran:


Which means:

“And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.” (QS Ali Imran: 104)

Now, Muhammadiyah has reached its 105/102 anniversary. In the middle of the celebration, we should be thankful of the country’s positive accomplishment, Muhammadiyah really concerns with the Nation’s condition. Indonesia’s burden under the lurking shadow of global economy crisis, unemployment problem, poverty, the damage of natural resources, people’s condition in the borderland, the fate of outer islands, horizontal conflict, terrorism, and the Nation’s sovereignity problem under the hegemony of the world’s economy-politics. The heavy burden is not only the complexity of the problem, but also as it is worsened by the chronic and infectious problem, namely corruption. In order to face these challenges, we should think of strategic and breakthrough solution, along with reformative leadership, moralist characters, and nationalism.

Muhammadiyah as spreading Islamic teaching and tajdid movement had been established long before the Nation’s independence, always prioritize the Nation interest and development. Muhammadiyah believes that Islam as the foundation of development movement always promotes the spirit of development. Islam is a progressive religion, Din al-Hadlarah. To all Muslims, we ask you to optimize the work of our brothers that will bring us to excellence and progress "lil-izatil Islam wal muslimin" for the glory of Islam and Muslims. Be the best people to spread Islamic teaching as rahmatan lil-‘alamin.

We should consistently try to bring the mission and vision of development. Muhammadiyah walks along with Khittah and its characteristics to always be consistent in amar ma’ruf nahi munkar, make efforts in many ways, and smartly cooperate with the government and the nation’s component and put the Nation’s interest above all other. What Muhammadiyah had done through efforts on dakwah and charitable efforts should be developed for progress and given for the sake of nation and in the world in general.

Therefore, Muhammadiyah encouraged the Nation authorities to wholeheartedly strive for the sake of the Nation development to realize the national goals in all aspects of life. To all parties, especially the Nation leaders to always be consistent in words and actions, holding firm moral values, complied to the people’s mandate, and standing up for common interest, instead of partisan’s interest, partnering up with the Nation components, including Muhammadiyah, and was able to show nationalism at its best.

Muhammadiyah also expressed the encouragement and moral commitment that building a country, it is also important to build just, peace, trust, kinship, autonomy, and moral values that were developed by the name of truth and kindness.The future depended on the moral of the people and its Nation leader, along with honesty and complied with the mandate of the Nation. Finally, we ask all Indonesian people to improve the faith and taqwa so that Allah will always bless the Nation as promised in:


Which means:

And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied [the messengers], so We seized them for what they were earning."(QS Al-‘Araf: 96).    

                Let’s pray to Allah SWT that Indonesia and its people will remain under Allah’s guidance, bestow upon us the favors and gifts, kept away from Allah’s wrath, and blessed by Ridha. Amin ya rabb al-alamin. Nashrun minallah wa fathun qarib.