The Chairman of DPP IMM Lead Youth Congress Court of OIC in Turkey

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, October 13, 2014 11:56 WIB

Jakarta – This year, the court of youth OKI or commonly known as OIC held I Istanbul, Turkey, and Indonesia attended the event as the member of OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference). BeniPramula (the General Chairman of DPP IMM) was chosen to lead the OIC court with the theme: 2nd GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue & Corporation. “Preserving Values Rendering Future Better” (9 – 11/10).

Besides reporting the policies in one year, the agenda of ICYF-DC 2014 was also to coordinate, evaluate, and arrange youth activities in OIC countries, also to choose the President, General Secretary, and the OIC Board Member of 2014-2018. This forum would discuss about several main issues such as advocacy of youth interest, supporting sustainable construction, keeping the world peace, education, entrepreneurship, strengthening moral values of young generations and be involved in inter-cultural discussion.

Besides attending prestigious international forum, the representatives selected by Indonesian OIC succeeded in taking Tan TaufiqLubis, the Chairman of OIC Indonesia, of becoming the next International OIC Board Member and he would start working in Word Street Center Istanbul, Turkey. Tan Taufiq became the Indonesian Youths representative and became the only youth in Asia who would play strategic plans for multilateral relationship between Youths in Islamic Countries.

“We hope that Tan’s election as the board member of OIC could give its benefits in the development of Islamic Youth in Indonesia,” said Beni.

The OIC meeting was very important in the middle of the turmoil of Islamic politic world, especially Middle-Eastern countries. Indonesian Youths had strategic role by having politics (democracy), economy (economic growth), and socio-cultural aspects (the biggest Islamic country) for the problem solving of other Islamic countries.

“They see Indonesia as a role model for harmony between Islamic, modernity and peaceful democracy, and the bridge builder between Western and Islam. The drive to participate in creating peace between countries, including Indonesia, goes hand-in-hand with Mecca Declaration and Ten-Years Program of Actions Organization of The Islamic Conference (TYPOA-OIC) which does not only focus on political issues but also issues on construction, social, economy, and science,” as stated by Beni in his press release.

It was hoped that through ICYF-DC 2014, OIC would be able to build the values of tolerance, modernity, democracy, fighting terrorism, eradicating Islamophobia, raising cooperation and solidarity between its country members, conflict prevention, overcoming the never ending problem of Palestine, South Philippine, Thailand, Kashmir, and the problems occurring in Middle East and North Africa. (mona)