The Committee Hastened the Preparation of the 47th Muhammadiyah Congress in Makassar

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, September 10, 2014 09:05 WIB

YOGYAKARTA- the central and provincial Committee of the Makassar 47th Muhammadiyah Congress determined to speed up its work in order to prepare for the biggest event of Muhammadiyah congress conducted once in five years. Although there was a postponement of the Conference schedule, but it did not reduce the performance of the congress committee in immediately preparing the first conference after the first century of the founding of Muhammadiyah.

It was delivered by the Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of Congress, Iwan Setiawan, when he was contacted by the editor this morning on Wednesday (10/9). According to Iwan, Muhammadiyah Congress participants would reach three thousand people, and would be placed in the Iqra building in Muhammadiyah University of Makassar Campus which was currently eighty percent of the process. Meanwhile, for the Congress' Aisyiyah, registered participants reached one thousand eight hundred people and they would be concentrated in the Balai Prajurit TNI of M.Yusuf (Manunggal) in the center of Makassar. The expo or exhibition of Congress would be placed at the Celebes Convention Center (CCC) located on the edge of Losari beach. Furthermore Iwan explained, Muhammadiyah Congress will be preceded by Tanwir held on 1-2 August 2015, and continued by the Conference on 3 to 7 August 2015. "Special to Tanwir Aisyiyah, we will place it at the Sahid Jaya Makassar on the same date with the implementation of Tanwir Muhammadiyah, "he explained. “Supporters who are estimated to reach tens thousands people will be placed in the homes of residents in each Muhammadiyah subdistrict of of Makassar and Gowa” said Iwan who was also deputy Secretary of the Library and Information Council of Muhammadiyah.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee of Conference Center, Zamroni expected the implementation of the first Congress after Congress first century can be run smoothly and in line to the plan, especially with a lot of support from Muhammadiyah figures in South Sulawesi. Asked about the Unismuh building's readiness due to unfinished construction, Zamroni confirmed that the building would be completed within 4 months, so in the early years it was expected that the building was expected to be able to accommodate all the participants of the congress and could be used for the activities. (hy) (mac)


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