STISIP Muhammadiyah Sidrap to Focus in Improving Students’ Quality

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, September 09, 2014 21:27 WIB

Sidrap – Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (STISIP) Muhammadiyah of Kabupaten Sidrap held a book review in STISIP Auditorium (9/8). This book review event was held to improve the intellectual awareness of the students to go through the lecture. This was stated by the Vice Chief I of STISIP Sidrap, Hariyanti Hamid. She said that the campus world is an intellectual world.

“If you want to be called as college student, you have to be knowledgeable and intellectual,” she said in front of hundreds of new 2014 students. Hariyanti also added that the intellectual awareness had to be improved. This would not only help the students, but also the campus. “If the students have their achievements, the campus will also receive the credit for it,” she concluded.

In the book review event, the analyst for Indonesia Institute for Trade and Development, Syamsul Nani explained that Indonesian economic condition was deeply concerning. The economy grew but it was not followed by the increase of prosperity. “Our governance is messy. The nation has a lot of loans, which results in the deficit in the National Budget. The Nation’s loan is more than three thousand trillion, the loan interest is also huge, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if the construction is delayed,” he said.

Syamsul also criticized the corruption culture of the Nation. According to him, the corruptors were also the ones who drained the nation budget and let the people fell into poverty. In the same event, Fitrah Yunus, the writer of Ilusi Kedaulatan Ekonomi, said that people should be wary of the government’s policies that seemed to be pro-people. 

“The people were always helped with the brilliant construction agenda, but on the other hand, the people and the Nation become the sacrificial goat. Now, the discussion on raising the price for gasoline emerged, without considering the unbalanced salary with the price of gasoline. People will be the victim. The weird thing is that the newly elected President and Vice President are the ones who suggested the idea to SBY,” said Fitrah who was also the Executive Director of Lembaga Hukum dan HAM DPP of Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah.

Fitrah also explained that Indonesia always got their grant from the overseas, but the country never considered the Nation’s interest. The government always lost on the international meetings in bargaining. Indonesia got the grant, but all policies in economic interest were dictated by foreign power.

Previously, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Muhammadiyah Sidrap just got their accreditation from BAN-PT. The sustainable intellectual study was expected to continue improving the quality of higher education institutions. (dzar)