Muhammadiyah Helped Palestine with 2.5 Billion Rupiahs

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, September 09, 2014 17:08 WIB

Jakarta – The Central Executive of Muhammadiyah worked with LAZISMU and Disaster Management Center of Muhammadiyah (Manajemen Disaster Muhammadiyah Center/MDMC) to give the humanity aid for Palestine worth Rp. 2.5 billion, it was directly given to the Palestine Authority through the Ambassador of Palestine in Gedung PP Muhammadiyah Jakarta, on Tuesday (9/9).

The General Chairman of Muhammad Central Executive, Din Syamsuddin explained that the aid given was a form of the aids given to Palestine.

“For the second time, The Central Executive of Muhammadiyah will give it in symbolic form of the aids for Palestine, and it was already given to them under the name of Muhammadiyah,” Din said.

Furthermoe, Din also explained that the aid was collected by all elements of Muhammadiyah and the autonomous organizations through charity boxes, LAZISMU, and MDMC for Palestine.

While the Director of LAZISMU, KhoirulMutaqien said that the charity for Palestines was not only from the Muslims, it also comes from the Non-Muslims. “This is not a matter of religion, but it’s humanity in order to create the best condition in Palestine,” said Khoirul.

After receiving the aids symbolically, the Ambassador of Palestine, Fariz N Mehdawi, expressed his gratefulness for the attention and help given by the people of Indonesia for Palestine.

“Without the leaders who are in here, it is impossible for Palestine to stand tall like today and Muhammadiyah becomes the role model for this. Thank you very much,” Fariz said.

The Ambassadors of Middle-Eastern countries for Indonesia such as Libya, Qatar, Morocco, Pakistan, Jordania, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan also attended the event. (mc)