IPM Banten Succeeded Holding Cadreship Level III EventI

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, September 09, 2014 05:21 WIB

Cikupa – The Provincial Executive of Ikatan Pelajar Muhammadiyah (PW IPM) of Banten just held a Training on Cadre of Taruna melati III, attended by 14 participants from various province such as Banten, West Java, and Riau Archipelago. The event occurred on Monday to Saturday (8/25-30). It was held in Ds. Pasir Jaya, Kecamatan Cikupa, Kabupaten Tangerang. The event applied homestay concept, which means by allocating the participants to stay in the neighboring residents’ house and to use the local mosque and the classroom of TK ABA Ds. Pasir Jaya as the material room.

The facilitator team came from PW IPM Banten and the Central Executive, aided by some personnel of PW IPM Bali and PW IPM DKI Jakarta. IPMawan Muhammadi Hanif Pasha, as the Chief of Cadre Division of PW IPM Banten explained that the training could be said as the climax of cadre regeneration process in Banten on this period; therefore, after Musywil PW IPM Banten would be filled by stand by cadres, according to the theme “Revitalisasi Peran Kader sebagai Agent of Change.” The training, according to Hanif Pasha referred to the new Cadreship System of IPM, and it was expected that the alumni would follow the guidance and the vision of the current IPM.

Meanwhile, the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Executive (PCM), Bunyamin, expressed his gratitude that the event was held in his place, because PCM Cikupa had been vacuum on the cadre ship activities amongst the youths. The appreciation also came from the Regional Executive of Aisyiyah of Cikupa, Siti Kholijah as the General Chairman expected the participation in the youth cadreship in the area. “I hope this activity could be the trigger of the young cadres,” he said. Besides the formal material, the participants were also taken to meet and to discuss with the alumni of IPM Banten and the event was ended with a dinner with the neighboring residents. (Sonhu Sun) (mac)