Community Empowerment Council of Wajo Developed Biological Organic Fertilizer

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, September 04, 2014 22:00 WIB

Wajo- Community Empowerment Council (MPM) of Muhammadiyah Provincial Board of South Sulawesi asked the farming community under the guidance of MPM Wajo to be serious in working on the farm by using a liquid organic fertilizer which its raw materials from plants and plant elements with the fermentation process, named Jayati Organic Fertilizer. This is said by Jonah Husni, chairman of the South Sulawesi PWM MPM gathering at target locations in Sengkang, Wajo, on Saturday (29/08/2014). The committee of MPM of South Sulawesi was welcomed by the chairman of MPM of Wajo, Andi Upo and Ambo Rappe who is Vice Chairman of Muhammadiyah of Bone district, as well as a number of farmers and agricultural facilitators.

Jonah Husni added that the findings of biological organic fertilizer developed MPM Wajo, should also be developed in other areas, because it is a value that has very important factor for the farmers in improving their economy. In the fertilizer products, according to Husni, it was done with a long process, with a variety of experiments that the results were quite remarkable for being able to develop agricultural products, such as a grain of rice growing with hundreds of saplings, and besides rice could also be used for all crops other woods.

Meanwhile, Ambo Upo, Wajo MPM Chairman, who is also a Kopertis lecturer said the organic fertilizer has been used for farmers Wajo and bone, in their utilization has actually managed to deliver tremendous benefits to increase the income of farmers assisted by Muhammadiyah MPM of Wajo both in the district and Bone. "One hundred percent of the fertilizer raw materials are from plant material ranging from shoots to roots of plants; it is because there is real need for the plant from the plant itself, including the development of bacteria in the plant, which all materials are obtained from the elements of the plant itself. Actually if the plant is healthy, it will definitely safe from pests, and that's what Muhammadiyah developed in coaching the farmers, "he said. (Hus) (mac)


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