UMY Gave Scholarship to Medical Student from Orphanage Students

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, September 04, 2014 21:45 WIB

YOGYAKARTA Silaturrahim between leaders of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) with the parents of new students (Freshmen) had become an annual event in UMY. In this academic year of 2014/2015, UMY held sillaturahim between UMY and the trustees of new students again. Silaturrahim was held on Sunday (31/8) morning in Sportorium of integrated campus of UMY and it was also accompanied by the delivery of medical education scholarships certificate and Bidik Misi scholarships for new students of UMY.

Siti Dyah Hand, as the Head of Admissions Bureau (Penmaru) in UMY said that there were 6 students receiving a medical education scholarships in this year, and 42 students who received Bidik Misi scholarship. For this year, he said there was a difference of scholarships in medical education scholarship program. For the last three years, the scholarship awarded was a collaboration between UMY and the Health Professional Education Quality (HPEQ) of Higher Education (Dikti), but for this year, the scholarships awarded to 6 medical students were given from UMY only, as the policy has been issued by Board of Trustees (BPH) of UMY to continue the medical scholarship program. The scholarships were also awarded to those who were studying the medical profession.

The medical scholarship had been run for fourth times. This medicine scholarships would also be awarded in each year remains the best students from Muhammadiyah orphanage or boarding school of Aisyiyah and Muhammadiyah in Indonesia. Students who received these scholarships of the medical education program were Fajar Ikhwanul Farhan (Ponpes Darul Arqom Muhammadiyah Garut), Syaifudin (PAY Piatu Fakir-Miskin Daarul Hikmah Borobudur), Erik Widyantoro (PA Muhammadiyah Ponorogo), Irhamni Istiqomah (PA Muhammadiyah Tuksono Kulonprogo), Rika Mega Selfia (PA Putri Aisyiyah Sumbersari Jember), dan Zulaeha Misrayana (Panti Asuhan Amrullah Aisyiyah Cabang Limbung Gowa, South Sulawesi). Scholarship given to Muhammadiyah students includes free tuition since the 1st semester until the end of professional level, the cost of living, cost of books and research during lectures, even the recipients of this scholarship received a boarding facility for two semesters.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of UMY, Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, MP said the scholarship was an effort of UMY to create Muhammadiyah doctors. The students, he added, would be monitored regarding to his or her ability in memorizing the Quran during UMY education program. So he advised the new students to increase the recitation of Al-Quran. Gunawan also revealed that the program gave special attention to the Muhammadiyah students who came from the eastern part of Indonesia, and not only from the island of Java. So he hoped, in the future, there would be more and more number of students from the eastern area who received the scholarships. He thanked the parents of students in UMY because the scholarship came from the Education Development Fund paid by the parents in UMY.

"In the future, we expect our brothers from the eastern part of Indonesia. Hopefully this is a blessing from God, your amal jariyah, "he said at the silahturrahim event held on Sunday (31/8).


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