Following Other Subjects, Agrotechnology of UMY Scored “A” Accreditation

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, August 07, 2014 06:17 WIB

Yogyakarta – The efforts for an appeal to BAN-PT by the accreditation in Agrotechnology Major in UMY gave a good result as this year the subject successfully gained A accreditation, even though an appeal was needed.

This was stated by Innaka Ageng Rineksane as the Chairman of Agrotechnology Major in Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta when she was interviewed in her office, UMY, Bantul, on Wednesday (8/6). “Alhamdulillah we receive lots of help from in and outside campus in the accreditation process. For the second assessment, the result is satisfying, the assessors conveyed that they are satisfied with the Task Force team from Agrotechnology UMY,” she said.

 Innaka explained, to improve the performance, her team would maximize the short-term and long-term programs that they already planned, which was by trying to match the standard required by BAN-PT, improving the quality and quantity of Tridharma both for the lecturers and the students, emphasizing on the international-scale event such as seminar, student exchange, and sending international level journals, International Community Service, and by adding more lecturers who held Doctoral Degree.

Furthermore, Innaka hoped that the lecturers would change their mindset so that they could defend the accreditation score by keep struggling to improve the quality, to have structured and systematic plans, and improving tridharma.

Besides the lecturers, the service for the students was also important to be improved because when the students were satisfied with the service and facilities given, indirectly this could be a benchmark to promote Agrotechnology for the students outside the faculty. “In this case, I agree that defending the score is far harder than achieving it although it is in the same level, this should be taken seriously. Thus, we who were involved in the accreditation process have to defend the score so that the quality and quantity remained well,” she continued. (BHPUMY) (mac)