General Chairman to Do Khotbah Idul Fitri in Lapangan Oro-oro Parangtritis

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, July 27, 2014 02:55 WIB

Yogyakarta – The General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Din Syamsuddin, is scheduled to be the khotib of Sholat Idul Fitri 1435 H which will be held in Lapangan Oro-oro, Kawasan Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis, Kretek, Bantul, on Monday (7/28). Other personnel of Muhammadiyah Central Executive will also be invited and scheduled to give lecture in various places in Indonesia, and in overseas.

The Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Yunahar Ilyas, is scheduled to give lecture in Indonesian Embassy (KBRI/Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while the other Muhammadiyah Central Executive Chairman, Syukrianto AR, is scheduled to give lecture of Ied in Kampus III Muhammadiyah University of Malang. Here are the lists of Muhammadiyah Central Executive Personnel who have the task to give lecture:

*Prof. Dr. H. M. Din Syamsuddin, M.A. (General Chairman): Lapangan Oro-oro Parangtritis Yogya

*Dr. H. Haedar Nashir, M.Si. (Chairman): Plasa Monjali (Monumen Jogja Kembali)

*Prof. Dr. H. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc., M.Ag. (Chairman): KBRI Kuala Lumpur

*Drs. H. A. Dahlan Rais (Chairman): Lapangan Kartasura Surakarta

*Drs. H. Sukriyanto AR., M.Hum (Chairman): Kampus 3 Unmuh Malang

*Dr. H. Agung Danarto, M.Ag. (General Secretary): Lapangan Ambokembang Pekajangan Pekalongan

*Drs. H. Marpuji Ali, M.SI (Secretary): Lapangan Kotabarat Surakarta

Related to the decision of Syawal 1435 Hijirah, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Yunahar Ilyas, in the press conference some days ago stated that Muhammadiyah has their own base to decide the start of Syawal Month, including Ramadhan and Dzulhijah, which is decided by Wujudul Hilal. With this decision, Muhammadiyah had taken the decision that 1 Syawal 1435 H will be on July 28, 2014. According to Yunahar, based on the government calculation to decide the start of the month by including hisab Imkanurukyat 2 degree, Yunahar believed that this year, 1 Syawal will be similar to that of the government. This could happen remembering that the height of hilal on sunset is more than two degree, which means, imkanurukyat used by the government is fulfilled. (mac)