5,000 People are Ready to Take Part in AMM Gema Takbir at Point 0 KM of Jogja

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, July 26, 2014 06:06 WIB

YOGYAKARTA- Takbir is a celebration for Muslims all over the world after fasting during the month of Ramadan and a way to welcome the coming Eid. The Young Muhammadiyah organization (AMM) of Gondomanan planned to hold an educational event to entertain people, especially Muslims.


Gema Takbir Jogja of AMM of Gondomanan, according to Aunurrofiq Fitriadi as the event PR, was an annual event regularly held by AMM of Gondomanan in order to give an interesting treats that was not useless. Gema Takbir theme for this year is "Jogja Color Night" which will be opened by the chairman of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin and the Mayor of Yogyakarta Haryadi Suyuti in the courtyard of the mosque of Gedhe Kauman on Sunday night (27/7), starting at 7:00 pm.


"The participants of Gema Takbir Jogja of Gondomanan AMM are AMM, recitation group, mosque teen organization, as well as the Gerakan Ramadan in Yogyakarta committee consisting of Gondomanan, Ngampilan, Wirobrajan, Kota Gede, Kraton and Poor involving 5,000 people," said Aunurrofiq Fitriadi in a press release received in the editorial on Thursday (24/7). This event would compete for the Trophy from Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta Governor, the Mayor of Yogyakarta, PHBI of Yogyakarta, District Police Chief, Mosque Committee of Yogyakarta, District Board of Muhammadiyah of Yogyakarta, and other gifts.


This event would also be celebrated with fireworks and Road Show Display of the participants placed in the court of the Gedhe Kauman Yogyakarta Mosque next to the General Post Office in Yogyakarta.


For complete information on Gema Takbir Jogja of Gondomanan AMM, please contact Aufa (0857.2927.9426), twitter and blog of pcpm_gondomanan at www.pcpmgondomanan.blogspot.com. (mac)


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