IPM Prepared Anti-Drug Cadre

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, July 24, 2014 19:43 WIB

Jakarta - Student is an element of nation-building, and they are expected in a peak condition for the future progress of the nation. Therefore, the efforts to protect teens and students from drugs should be strengthened and IPM should play an important role in it.


The magnitude of the threat of drugs among students made IPM frustrated with the condition, "So far, students have become a major target or object of drugs, and it is time for students as the subject of the fight against drugs" said M. Iqbal, the Chairman of the central board of Muhammadiyah Student Association in his presentation at the event Advocacy Training Anti-Drug cadres held by IPM and BNN in the Hall of the Muhammadiyah Central Building, Menteng Raya. St. 62 in Central Jakarta yesterday (22/07)


Iqbal hoped IPM should be present as a pioneer of the critical student movement which gave empowerment and advocacy among students. IPM should provide benefits or inspiration in order to educate and empower the student as well as a positive effect on the existence of the environmental movement in the IPM education (schools).


According to him, "That's what should be done by the cadres of IPM as an act against Drug because it’s the implementation of Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Munkar and IPM is a place in the fight to keep people away from drugs" he added.


This activity was followed by dozens of Muhammadiyah Student Association Leadership from Jakarta, and this activity was also filled by the Chief Deputy Director of Advocacy of BNN ,dr.Victor Pundjiadi, Sp.B, FICS DFM, who explained detail description of problems of drugs to students.


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