Hilal Height will be above 2 degrees, the Decision of the 1st of Syawwal 1435 H will be Same

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, July 18, 2014 19:57 WIB

YOGYAKARTA Muhammadiyah through the Tarjih and Tajdid Affairs Committee had set the beginning of Syawwal 1435 H which will fall on Monday, July 28th 2014. Different from the case that the beginning of Ramadan decided by the Government was different from Muhammadiyah, the beginning of Syawwal 1435 H announced by the government is believed to be set equal to the decision of Muhammadiyah .


This was stated by vice-chairman of the Tarjih and Tajdid Affairs Committee of Muhammadiyah, Oman Fathurohman,  accompanied by Yunahar Ilyas as the chairman of Muhammadiyah in a press conference regarding the official statement of the 1st of Syawal 1435H, in the building of PP Muhammadiyah, Cik Di Tiro 23 st. in Yogyakarta on Friday (18/7). In his statement, Oman said that Hilal or disc-month high reflected sunlight during the sinking sun on July 27, 2014 will be 3.6 degrees and still above the horizon. Thus, according to the government hisab imkanurukyat calculations that require 2 degrees of the moon height, the criteria have been met and it was believed the government will set the 1st of Syawal 1435H on July 28, 2014.  "the high is 3.6 degrees higher moon when it is seen from Yogyakarta, and when it is seen from Banda Aceh, the moon height is 2.1 degrees and it means it is still meet the criteria required by the government, "he explained.


Oman Fathurohman said that Muhammadiyah which uses hisab hakiki wujudul hilal did not require the height of the new moon. For Muhammadiyah, explained Oman, after meeting ijtima’ or the conjunction of the sun and moon, and the moon is still above the horizon at sunset, the criteria have been met and the next day will be the new moon.


Meanwhile, the chairman of Muhammadiyah Yunahar Ilyas urged Muhammadiyah members and the general public to make the momentum of the 1st of Syawal 1435 H as the way to rebuild the brotherhood or fraternity that may be slightly distorted due to the high tension of the election. "I hope this Eid be a momentum to re-establish brotherhood and forget about all conflicts that may occur due to the presidential election," he said. (mac)


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