Ramadhan in Sinabung, Refugee want to Establish Islamic Kindergarten

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, July 17, 2014 23:08 WIB

Karo, Kabanjahe – Ramadhan activities in Sinabung had gone for 20 days. The example activity is refugee accompaniment, especially those who came from Desa Kuta Rakyat and Sukanalu by the volunteers of Muhammadiyah in Camp University of Karo Kabanjahe. Previously, the refugees stayed at Islamic Center Kabanjahe. Some activities include camp management accompaniment, preparing for iftar and sahur, children activities such as TPA, Al Qur’an reading tutoring for adults and senior citizens, taraweeh prayer together, and some skill trainings for women in the refugee camp.

According to Sarniyah, assistant team of MDMC in Kabanjahe, women and children were enthusiastic in following the activities. “The children are so happy with iftar together, even non-Moslem children want to join the activity, of course we allow them to do so,” Sarniyah explained.

Furthermore, some programs to prepare for the civilians’ return to their original place were done, especially in Desa Kutarakyat, which was cleared by PVMBG. The activities include fixing masjid with material donation via Regional Executive of Muhammadiyah and labor costs were donated by a person from Yogyakarta.

Volunteers from Muhammadiyah were Muhammadiyah young cadres, mostly from Nasyiah and IPM.

Encountered in refugee camp UKA Kabanjahe, Mama Alim, people called 52 years old woman, she was hoping that there will be someone helping her to be Al Qur’an teacher for people in Kutarakyat when they return. Mama Alim also hopes that there will be Islamic kindergarten in desa Kutarakyat.

“Desa Kutarakyat actually is already safe, but the roof fixing is not done yet, and electricity is still unavailable. It was turned on for a few days, but it was turned off again after the dust rain after the eruption yesterday,” Sarniyah said.

Accompanying activity for the residents for their preparedness of living on the foot of a mountain was scheduled to be after Ied. “It is hard for us to gather the residents in Ramadhan,