Students Society of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) Assisted the Community and Facilitated Economic Improvement with "Banana Village" Program

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, July 16, 2014 05:33 WIB

Bantul – The society assistance program performed by the student community in UMY was a creative idea that was included in the Student Creativity Program in the field of Community Service (PKM-M) which is held annually by the Department of Higher Education (Higher Education). PKM-M's team is one of the representatives in UMY with the theme of "Banana Village in Hargorejo village, Kokap, Kulon Progo.


The team led by Laila Nur Hidayati lufki and assisted by members consisting of; Riza Azyumariddha Azra, Afiffany Kusuma Shiwi, Rakhman Anis Safa Wijaya and Maitsa Putri tried to answer the problem of the potential of banana plants in Hargorejo Village area that had not been utilized optimally. Besides, the team wanted to help the PKK of Hargorejo which had not have the productive activities in the field of entrepreneurship. Answering the problems and opportunities, the team conducted "Banana Village" mentoring held at 3 PKK of Hargorejo which was chaired by Hargorejo’s women.


Lufki said, this assistance began from October 2013 until now. The goal of the program was how bananas can be produced optimally so that could increase the price of bananas products. In addition, the Hargorejo PKK can be independent because it could sell the products they had made by their own.


"To achieve these goals, we have conduct several steps; socialization, holding focus group discussions (FGD) with the PKK and the village boards, training (entrepreneurship motivation, banana cultivation and practice cooking of banana processing plant), monitoring the production and product quality, food safety education in cooperation with the Department of Health of Kokap, filing PIRT and registering the rights patent of trademark in cooperation with the Department of Law and Human Rights, "he said.


Lufki added that the product was started from banana brownies, banana weevil nuggets and various flavors of banana chips at first. But the process was focused on the production of banana chips of various flavors. While waiting for the process of PIRT submission which has come to the process of waiting for the production of a feasibility survey by the Kokap health office to be accepted, the product had been marketed to the shops / stalls around the village of Hargorejo. After PIRT was out, they hoped the products could be marketed in supermarkets and the souvenir center. The Assistance program continued to be done so that the economic independence in the Village Hargorejo could be formed and the program was expected to be used as a model of community economic independence development.


This year the team PKM of UMY planned to delegate 113 teams in 2014 PKM Higher Education (Dikti) spread in various areas such as; PKM-P (Research), PKM-GT (Written Idea), PKM-KC (Manufacture), PKM-M (Community Service), PKM-K (Entrepreneurship), PKM-T (Technology), PKM-AI (Scientific Articles). The winner of this PKM will compete in the Student Scientific Competition (PIMNAS) which is a continuation of the PKM program. Alhamdulillah, last year UMY succeed to delegate two teams participating PIMNAS. This year UMY determined to carry a minimum of 10 teams heading PIMNAS. (Dhar)



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