Idea to build Muhammadiyah Museum for young generation

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, August 25, 2011 15:22 WIB

Tuesday (08/23/2011) at Campus I University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), University Institute of Art, Culture and Sports, Central Executive of Muhammadiyah and the Institute for Community Service Ahmad Dahlan (UAD LPM) held a panel discussion. The discussion that began at 8:30 pm until 15:30 pm was about Muhammadiyah’s plan to establish a museum. The key speakers who attended the discussion were Widyastuti, from the Assembly of Library and Information, Central Executive of Muhammadiya, H. Jabrohim from Art  and Culture Institute of Muhammadiyah and Farid Ahmad Dahlan Setiawan from Ahmad Dahlan foundation.

Museumis a building that is important in keeping the evidence of history particularly the cultural value. Muhammadiyah people should think about it. "The museum which is planned should also have three principles of tourism, namely what to see, what to do, and what to buy. Muhammadiyah Museum might be expected to be a place to show the history of the Muhammadiyah and can be accessed by the public." said Widyastuti during the panel discussion.

Building Muhammadiyahmuseum did not only benefit the present. This development aimed for Muhammadiyah generation to witness the struggles of the founders of Muhammadiyah and the activities of what they had done through the museum. As the documents had important role towards the development of Muhammadiyah.


(trans by hm-uhamka)