Muhammadiyah Appreciated the Government that Set Ramadan 1st

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, June 28, 2014 00:05 WIB

Jakarta - Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Syamsudin appreciated the government decision that set Ramadhan 1st 1435 H coincided with Sunday June 29, 2014.


Din said that the government has put forward Muslim brotherhood in discussing this issue in the itsbat session that was held at the Ministry of Religious confirmation, Jakarta on Friday (27/6). As we know, Muhammadiyah has different views with the government in determining the beginning of Ramadan. This year Muhammadiyah starts fasting one day earlier than the government decree, which is Saturday, June 28, 2014.


In Yogyakarta, the Chairman of Disaster Management Institute (LPB) of Central Board of Muhammadiyah, Budi Setiawan, invited all Muslims who will start fasting on Saturday to respect the differences in initial fasting. "I suggest as well as invite all people of Muhammadiyah and other Muslims, to respect each other related to the fast initial difference. Indonesia is currently implementing the presidential election processes so this difference should not create Ghibah or even fitnah because those bad things can reduce the reward of our fasting. Whereas the essence of Ramadan fasting is keeping our appetence and all forms that reduce our fast, "He said during the first Tarawih sermon at Masjid Gedhe of Kauman in Yogyakarta last night (27/6). (Dzar)


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