Conquering The Highest Top of Europe, UMY Team Prepared Hiking Management Books

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, June 20, 2014 00:12 WIB

Yogyakarta-UMY MAPALA team consisted of Singgih Alnin Muttaqin, Akhmad Rashid Gandhi, M. Fauzan, Saigunsi Bonita Arimi, and Suwarjono Lempo, had come back in Yogyakarta. The expedition to Mount Elbrus of Russia for 3 weeks was over, and they intended to record the results of the expedition. Their arrival was greeted by the Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, MA. In addition, there were also representatives from the Provincial Government of DIY, represented by H. GBPH Prabukusumo, S.Psi, as well as the chairman and vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of UMY, H. Rosyad Sholeh and Ir. Dasron Hamid.

In his welcoming speech, Rector of UMY motivated all UMY MAPALA members, either who had already run the expedition and who did not have opportunity to join the climbing, to continue to strive and work hard to achieve their dreams. "Everyone should keep trying hard and work hard,because by doing so, we will gain the highest results," he said.

Meanwhile, Suwarjono Lempo, as the coordinator of the expedition team said it took 10 days to climb to the summit of Mount Elbrus. Then for the next 2 weeks, the team used the time for the exploration and study of the historical, social, and cultural of Muslim population in the area at the slopes of Mount Elbrus. Terskol Suwarjono continued explaining and said that they continued climbing and when they arrived at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, air temperature Elbrus had reached minus 30 degrees Celsius, so they were forced to maintain the stamina in order to be able to arrive at the top of Elbrus. “Elbrus temperatures are very extreme, but we were lucky, because when we arrive at the top, we can avoid the critical hours when the temperature suddenly change very quickly," he said.

The results of the expedition UMY MAPALA team to Elbrus will be recorded, whether it's a guide book about the Iceberg Climbing Management, which was applied to the next generation that will take part to the climb of the iceberg, or the result of social and cultural exploration of the Muslim population in Terskol, the area at the slopes of Mount Elbrus, which was also one of Islamic entrances into Russia. (Bhpumy) (mac)


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