Black Campaign Influenced the Psychological Aspect of People in Giving A Vote.

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, June 12, 2014 07:31 WIB

Bantul- “Black campaign can affect the psychology of the Indonesian community in determining the choice of the next Presidential election. This opinion comes from a reason that when there is one candidate who is vilified in the media or social media and he or she does not reciprocate, it will create sympathy from the society for the vilified candidate.”

This was explained by a Government lecturer of UMY, Dr. Zuly Qadir, in the interview on Wednesday (11/6). Zuly suggested that voters can be more selective in reading information or news from each candidate. "Black campaign is not educated and will make our democratic system not civilized and dignified. So people should be more selective," he said.

Furthermore, continued Zuly, the readiness of the people to choose presidential candidate has already clearly seen, with high enthusiasm of people in finding information of president and vice president candidates this year. "People now have a preparation in facing the Democratic Party in July. However, the public option is more likely to emotional rather than rational. They prefer looking to the interest or feel sympathy for the candidate they think is good to be the leader for the next 5 years," he said. And he added, “We should choose for rational consideration. It means that we consider the vision and mission of the candidates. We also think about what programs are offered by the candidates to bring the better of Indonesia. (Icha) (mac)

photo illustration: AFP

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