Going Along the Edge of Mahakam River as City Tour of Muhammadiyah Tanwir Participants in Kukar

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, May 30, 2014 00:05 WIB

Tenggarong- Spending 3 days in Smarinda to participate the Muhammadiyah Tanwir, the committee held city tour to all participants. This agenda included visiting Kutai Kartanegara (kukar) regency, 25 kms south of the city of Samarinda. After downing Mahakam River for 3 hours, the tanwir participants arrived and were greeted by Kukar district. The visitors had gathering ceremony with the Kukar district in the Ballroom of district office on Monday (26/5).

In the Regent speech read by the assistant of Public Administration and Legal Affair of Kukar, Chairil Anwar, the regent greet the Tanwir participants from Central Executive of Muhammadiyah and all Provincial Executives in Tenggarong, the capital city of Kukar.

The government appreciated Muhammadiyah which had high commitment in all nation part. The government added that Kukar had heterogeneity in culture and religion. Although most of people in Kukar are moslems, their knowledge and understanding about Islam need to be improved, and the support from Muhammadiyah was demanded.

Therefore, the involvement of the citizens in the National Life, especially in the regional development, is influenced by Islamic values.” Hopefully, the visit of the Tanwir participants can brighten all moslems in East Kalimantan, especially in Kukar. The district kept improving the spiritual development to improve the spiritual development of the community to continue the progress and development in a spirit of religious values, " Chairil said .

The Secretary General Muhammadiyah, Dr. H Supreme Danarto, explained the purpose of the arrival of the group in the trial in order Tanwir Kukar Muhammadiyah in Indonesia was held in East Kalimantan. He thanked for the warm welcome and delight in receiving relationship Tanwir Muhammadiyah participants . Muhammadiyah principle is always to establish relationship and ready to cooperate with all the elements, including the central or local government level . " Hopefully our presence in Kukar provide benefits for both parties , " he said

For Muhammadiyah , hopefully we can see and learn in raising the inspiration to develop the program in the future . Furthermore, we hope Kukar  Regency can take benefits to be gained from the presence of the group , such as raises in fostering community spirit , foster the people towards a just and prosperous community , " he concluded .

Muhammadiyah Tanwir Participants then followed a luncheon, then toured Mulawarman Museum and Village Weaving in Samarinda Seberang, to buy souvenirs . ( Dhar )