Hizbul Wathan UMJ Held DIKSAR Kepanduan for the Upcoming National Jamboree of Muhammadiyah Universities in Indonesia

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, May 19, 2014 14:45 WIB

Jakarta – Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta held a Diksar HW in a camp last weekend. There were approximately 30 university students of PGMI, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta joined the event. This event was held for two days from 17-18 May 2014 in Bumi Perkemahan Kalam Pekopen Bekasi. This Diksar activity is a routine event held by Hizbul Wathan, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta.

The Diksar participants were given some materials on Kepanduan as well as theories on Al-Islam and Muhammadiyah. The materials were presented by Dewan Sughli Kwartir Pusat Gerakan Kepanduan Hizbul Wathan from Jakarta and its surroundings. Besides the materials on Al Islam and Muhammadiyah as well as on Kepanduan, the participants were also trained mentally and physically. It was expected that after the diksar (training) they will be able to put the knowledge they earned from Diksar Kepanduan into practice.

“This Diksar activity is very useful for my friends and I, since we rarely got training or theories on Kepanduan, field activity and education on character building. We are very astonished by this activity and we hope we can get the beneficial knowledge we rarely got over a lecture,” Ibnu Mukhlisin, a Diksar participant, said.

Agreeing Ibnu Mukhlisin, the Chairman of PGMI UMJ, Rika Sa’diyah, said that she whole-heartedly support with the activity, because this is very important for the students. This activity can be means to toughen and make them more independent, besides, this activity is a preparation for Hizbul Wathan National Jamboree for Muhammadiyah Universities in Indonesia. The National Jamboree will be held by Kwartir Pusat Gerakan Kepanduan Hizbul Wathan on August 2014 in Surakarta (AR)