Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Inaugurated Special District Executive of Muhammadiyah Taiwan

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, May 17, 2014 22:03 WIB

Taiwan – Special District Executive of Muhammadiyah (PCIM) Taiwan is officially stood in Formosa. After a year of an active two-weekly online study at the Radio of Muhammadiyah, the Special District Executive of Muhammadiyah Taiwan now officially establishes in Taiwan. Captained by Adam Jerusalem, the inauguration of the Special District Executive of Muhammadiyah Taiwan term 2014-2016 was directly attended and confirmed by Dr. H. Danarto, as the General Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah, and Drs. H. Marpuji Ali, M.Si., as the Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah.

The General Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah appealed the PCIM Taiwan to always be able to assist and empower the society both students and BMI, regarding to the relatively free commingling in Taiwan. The Taiwanese tends to be permissive and even provocative on the issue of free commingling. The General Secretary also gave his ideas about the possible existence of a missionary (mubaligh) from Indonesia's Muhammadiyah who could be settled in a prolonged period of time (2-3 months) to preach intensively in Taiwan.

Heldat the Taipei Cultural Mosque on Sunday (11/5), the inauguration of the PCIM Taiwan was attended by representatives of various Islamic organizations in Taiwan as well as the Chairman of the Chinese Muslim Association (CMA) of Taiwan. The event also accommodated ​​the handover of donations to the establishment of the An Nur Mosque in Tongkang, Pingtung. The donation itself was obtained from Indonesian public donations in Taiwan and Indonesia. The fundraising got a high response from the society. It is proven by the high interest of the public to be partly contributed in donating their money to the construction of the mosque in Taiwan. The amount of money collected and donated was more than Rp. 67.000.000,-.

The fundraising is the embodiment ofMuhammadiyah character who has been accentuated by the Kiai Dahlan, so that the member of Muhammadiyah is charitable and far from the characterization of jarkoni (Iso ngujar ora iso ngelakoni / Can say, but cannot do). The donation handover for the construction of the An Nur Mosque, Tongkang, Pingtung Taiwan, was carried out by the General Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah and the Chief of PCIM Taiwan to the Special District Executive of Nahdlatul Ulama as the advisor of the An Nur Mosque, Tongkang, Taiwan. "Although we are in different organizations, but both Special District Executives appear to be in the same view in terms of giving the goodness to people. This is where the Moslem brotherhood in the frame of fastabiqulkhayrat embodied in as instructed in the Qur'an ", said Andi Azhar, one of the members of PCIM Taiwan to the editorial website of Muhammadiyah.or.id.

Adam Jerusalem, the Chief of PCIM Taiwan, who is also a doctoral student in NTUST said that Muhammadiyah, as the Islamic missionary endeavor, was not limited its action in its land of birth. The spirit to continue missionizing brought Muhammadiyah to keep exists in 20 countries. And at this moment, PCIM Taiwan is the 20th PCIM in the world. PCIM Taiwan tried to put forward the spirit of Islamic brotherhood in missionizing amar makruf nahi mungkar. Therefore, the PCIM Taiwan inauguration and Islamic gathering brought the theme of “Knitting Islamic for the World Islamic Awakening".

This isconsidered to be important thing, not only because of the essence of the Islamic brotherhood, but also the Moslemsin Indonesia (especially in Taiwan) who had just implemented the Legislative Elections, and also welcoming the Presidential Election. Through the inauguration and the recitation, PCIM Taiwan reminded its cadres to constantly strengthen Islamic brotherhood, which had been fragmented before.

A day earlier, the Chairman of CMA Taiwan formally invited PCIM Taiwan and Central Executive of Muhammadiyah to attend the celebration of the anniversary of the rightful (halal) certification in Taiwan. In his speech, the Chairman of the CMA Taiwan said his grateful speech to the presence of Muhammadiyah in Taiwan in order to create the existence of Islam in Formosa. CMA Taiwan also performed the cooperation sounding out with Central Executive of Muhammadiyah to promote Islam in Taiwan. Dwi Anto, as the representative of KDEI Taiwan, stated the same speech while attending the inauguration of PCIM Taiwan. KDEI Taipei gave a great welcome to the presence of the PCIM Taiwan as Da'wah organization to advice the Moslems in Taiwan.

Furthermore, the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah and PCIM Taiwan got an opportunity to make a dialogue with Yilan Provincial Governmentand representatives of the Indonesia workers in the Port of Yilan. In this dialog, PCIM Taiwan tried to absorb the aspirations of Indonesian staying in Yilan associated with the development and implementation of Islamic worship, considered that there is not any mosques in Yilan as a center of Islamic worship and activities. At the end of the occasion, The General Secretary of the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah reminded PCIM Taiwan to always accompany the Indonesian in Taiwan, considered the very free comingling and the permissive Taiwanese. Therefore, it was necessary to have an advisory for the community so that they did not fall on the things forbidden by the religion. In addition, Agung Danarto stated the idea that there are fore Indonesian missionaries (mubaligh) who will stay in a long period of time in order to spread Islam in Taiwan.