Robot UMM became the Winner of Ajang Kontes Robot Indonesia 2014

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, May 09, 2014 22:09 WIB

Malang – Robotic team of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) became won in Ajang Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI) 2014 Regional IV held in Graha Cakrawala Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) on Thursday, May 1, 2014. UMM snatched three awards; 1st Winner in the Category of Kontes Robot Pemadam Api Indonesia (KRPAI) divisi berkaki or Legged Firefighter Robot Contest, 2nd Winner in the Category of Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia (KRAI) or ABU Robot Indonesia Contest, and the best innovation for KRPAI divisi berkaki. According to the supervisor of KRPAI UMM, Ir. Muhammad Irfan, M.T., each winner of the categories will participate on National KRI in Yogyakarta on June, 18-22. They will compete against the delegations of some universities, who were chosen through similar contest in four different regions. Furthermore, the winner of National KRI will be sent to International Robot Competition.

UMM KRAI Team consists of Basri Noor, Sulaiman, Ali Mahfudz, Novendra Setiawan, and Halim Priyo, as well as Ir. Nur Alif, M.T. as the supervisor. This team created a robot named Zhafarul Z’14. While Legged KRPAI Team consists of Ahmad Wildanul Firdaus, Zainal Buchori, and Aulia Arif Wardana, under the supervision of Ir. Muhammad Irfan, M.T. created a robot named Dome. The last, Wheeled KRPAI Team consists of Ahzen Habibidin, Saukani, and Bofy Panji under the supervision of Chasrun Hasani, S.T., M.T. created a robot named JAF 48.

UMM achievements this year, Irfan said, underwent an improvement if compared to last year. In 2009 UMM achieved the best design of KRAI Category, in 2010 they achieved the best Legged KRPAI, in 2011 they were the 1st winner as well as the best design for Legged KRPAI, in 2012 they were the 3rd winner and be the best design for Legged KRPAI Category, and last year they had the best design in KRPAI Category, meaning their third achievement for three years straight.

“However, the improved achievement showed that the obstacles they faced did not discourage the creative team to win the competition,” Irfan explained. They are currently preparing to achieve the best result in National Robot Competition next June.

Overall, there are four categories in the contest; they are KRAI, KRPAI Legged Division, KRPAI Wheeled Division, and Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia (KRSBI) or Football Robot Contest of Indonesia. In addition of trying to snatch the first, second, third, and favorite winner, each category will also give special award for the best design and best innovation. Out of the four categories, UMM will send the teams for KRAI, Legged KRPAI, and Wheeled KRPAI. (umm)