MPM PP Muhammadiyah holds Free Health Service for City Marginalized People

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, August 10, 2011 15:48 WIB

Yogyakarta - Being part of the informal sector society, pedicab (becak) riders and street vendors likely did not yet have high bargaining power so their presence was still marginalized causing uncertainty of their income to meet the daily needs. Therefore, it was needed to improve service quality from both professions so that their services could be valued and utilized by other communities that ultimately would enhance their bargaining position in society and increase their incomes as well.

This was said by the Chairman of Community Empowerment Council (MPM) PP Muhammadiyah, Said Tuhuleley, at the event of free health care and joint fast-breaking for pedicab riders and street vendors, Sunday (7 / 8) afternoon at PP Muhammadiyah KHA Ahmad Dahlan.

According to him, the existence of pedicab drivers and street vendors in several major cities in Indonesia was marginalized. It could be seen, for example, in the absence of pedicab as a mode of transportation in Jakarta. "The existence of multiple modes of transportation which were faster like taxi and motorcycle taxis were also increasingly making the pedicab no longer choice for people to travel. As a result, their income became uncertain that their lives were even more difficult today, "said Said.

The street vendors were also facing a dilemma for some people thought the food they sold did not meet health requirements so that people were reluctant to buy food. "Therefore, the presence of supervised healthy food production training for example, is expected to provide awareness for them to continue selling healthy food so that people can believe the quality of the food they sell and this will increase their revenue for a better quality of life," Said explained.

Seeing the condition, Said assessed if the pedicab drivers and street vendors needed to get assistance to provide the best service to customers so that both professions were able to provide best service quality for the community. "If their service are good, then people will use those services that leads to the increased bargaining power and creation of better income for them," says Said.

At the free health care in cooperation with the City Health Office Yogyakarta, the pedicab riders who were members of the of Pedicab Union Ahmad Dahlan (Pabelan) and street vendors get medical services such as blood pressure and cholesterol checks to then obtain medicine given by the pharmacy staff. The street vendors were generally snacks seller sold in circumference. The event was continued by the joint fast breaking along with the play of the movie "Sang Pencerah".

(Trans by hm-uhamka)