Ramadan UMM, a Momentum for Spiritual Intelligence Stabilization

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, July 30, 2011 07:26 WIB

Malang - This year, half of a month of Ramadan will be used by the units and faculties at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for spiritual intelligence stabilization. This can be seen from the schedule that has been circulated to the entire UMM academic community on Wednesday (07/20).

According to a letter signed by the Vice Rector II, the spiritual strengthening will centralized on the second floor of the Mosque of AR Fachruddin. The activities include briefing from the university leader, religious studies, fasting break with lecturers’ and staffs’ families, and the 'Asr and Maghrib prayers together.

Steering Committee, Drs. Abdul Haris, MA, said the studies for lecturers and staffs and their families are aimed at the theme of stabilizing spiritual intelligence into a cautious man. "The theme will be derived by the speaker in accordance with the present context and related to the units and faculties," said Haris.

In addition, Committee Chairman of Gema Ramadhan UMM, Nursubhi, ST, MT, confirmed there were at least 15 sessions scheduled for the units and faculties at UMM in turn. Thus, since the 5th day until the 21st day of fasting month, Ramadan activities at UMM would be continuously held. "After the 21st day, the activities will be concentrated to I'tikaf (staying in a mosque, trying to be closer to God, red.)," explained Nursubhi.

Moreover, in the circulated schedule, the event for each unit or faculty would begin at 15:00 started with ‘Ashr prayer in congregation. It would be followed by briefing from the leadership, religious studies, fasting break (iftar), and maghrib prayers. "We have also scheduled to present a preacher. We invite speakers from the Local and Regional Leadership of Muhammadiyah," said Nursubhi. Special on August 12, at the turn of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI), the speaker would be Prof. HA Malik Fadjar.

The spiritual strengthening for the unit and faculties at the UMM are a series of Gema Ramadhan 1432 H activities. In addition to those activities, like the previous years, the committee would also hold a social service and studies for students.

The Ramadan activities focus not only at the Mosque of AR Fachruddin, but also at the two other mosques of UMM; Ad-Da'wah (Campus I) and KH M Bedjo (RS UMM). There would be tarawih prayer and studies held after morning prayer. "Hopefully, people around the mosques would also enliven the activities of Ramadan," added Nursubeki.

Meanwhile, the university has also circulated a letter announcing that the beginning of the Ramadan would be on August 1. Through the letter, the university appealed to the entire academic community of UMM to multiply worship, multiply good deeds, and make use of Ramadan to work better.

As in the previous years, the university also has set up a special working hour for the Ramadan and obligated to wear Muslim dress for women Muslim students. Meanwhile, for the non-Muslims are required to adjust to the regulation by wearing not too tight-fitting dress. "Usually, the momentum of fasting month is used by students to learn to wear veil and finally they are carried away by the Islamic atmosphere, not only physically but also psychically," said the Vice Rector II, Drs. Mursidi, MM. UMM does not require students to wear veil, but the campus will encourage them to wear it through a variety of momentums, as in the month of Ramadan, Pesmaba, and P2KK.

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