UMM helds KKN together with Singaporean and Australian Students

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, July 18, 2011 22:26 WIB

Malang - The UMM Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Faculty students cooperated, in terms of KKN program, with the Singaporean and Australian students. It was funded by Sygenta global, which ran on agribusiness field. The program, also joined by the IPB and UGM students, lasted for ten days starting from 4th of July 2011.

There were three groups of students formed to hold community service to the farmers in five villages of Batu and Malang. They were from any universities in three countries. The program was form of Corporate Social Resonsibility (CSR) Sygenta Global in doing the workshop related to the pesticide use and its storage. Then, it was continued by having the social work at Aisyiyah Kindergarten, Perinci village, Dau.

Syngenta was the first global team which focussed on the agribusiness exclusively. Then, it transformed as the continual agriculture credo and launched Yayasan Syngenta untuk Pertanian Berkelanjutan in 2001. One of the aims was to improve the people jobs in some villages in some part of this world. So was the program done in Malang.

“Last year, we did the clean water program in India. This year, Indonesia gets the chance for the Sygenta products are sold also here," said the Singaporean program coordinator, Cindy Lim.

This program was started with "Farmeeting", a warm meeting with the farmers. Then it was continued by the workshops, and closed with a social work at Aisyiah Kindergarten. The volunteers renovated the building and furniture and gave the props which was accepted by its headmaster, Khoiriyah.

“There is school renovation every year, but the fund is allocated for the learning properties for this year. That is why we are happy when UMM came and did socisl work," said Khoiriyah.


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