Second round tafseer study PHIWM : Cooking, Washing, are not Wife's domestic works

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, July 15, 2011 14:29 WIB

Yogyakarta, the Legal Affairs and Tadjid central executive of Muhammadiyahagain heldThematicTafseerrelated to the IslamicLifeStudyGuidefor Muhammadiyahpeople (PHIWM), onThursday, July 14, 2011in the MuhammadiyahYogyakartaheadquarter at JalanCikDitiro23. The study was intendedtoexamineversesof the Koranusedasargumentsin PHIWMbookin depth, becausematerialsin the book were considered stillvery common. From this study, the participantswere expected tounderstandPHIWMin deeper, as well asdisseminate it to ither Muhammadiyah membersin their surroundings.

The second round of PHIWMstudyparticipantswere from members ofthe Legal Affairs andTajdidPP Muhammadiyah,representatives from the Legal Affairs andTajdidof PWMDIY, the Legal Affairs andTajdidPDMDIY, Assemblyand Institutionrepresentativesfrom centrallevel andOrtom. In this occasion, Prof. Dr. H.YunaharIlyas, Lc. MA, Central ExecutiveChairman ofMuhammadiyah, as a keynote to continuethe discussiontopicsin advanced;"Building theSakinahFamilyproducing IstiqamahGeneration", whichraiseda few versesrelated to Islamic life in family.

Prof. Yunaharsaid, thatthe cooking, washing, child care,domesticworkswere nottheburden ofawife, buta shared taskbetween husbandand wife. Domestictaskswifelied only in thematter ofreproduction. Instead, the main task of the husbandwas theburden ofearning a living, not activities of organizationor something other. In terms oforganizing, preachingand others,husband andwifehad thesame opportunity.