Da'wah and Politics are two strengthening forces

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, July 15, 2011 14:22 WIB

Makassar - Da'wa and politics were two forces that reinforced each other in enjoining enforcement of wrongdoing so that people felt the security, justice and prosperity, so said Dr. H. Irwan Akib, M. Pd, rector of Makassar in Public Discussion Unismuh in cooperation with Unismuh preachers Hijrah and the Daily Tribun East Makassar, on Thursday (14/07/2011) presenting as a keynote Dr. Jayadi Nas (Chairman of KPU Sulawesi), and Syamsibar (Head of Mental and spiritual bureau Sulawesi) with the theme "Da'wah and Politics, is it possible? "

Irwan Akib, from other side of the Da'wa and politics which were often understood negative, said that the call aimed to invite everyone to enforce the right and stop the wrongdoing , while the other side of politics was meant to suspect everyone so that politics was sometimes regarded as a bad thing, so in advanced the politics and da’wah had to be power in enforcing the right and stopping the wrongdoing, as the Prophet Muhammad was a figure becoming role models for people, since beside preachers spoke about the truth, they had to be brilliant politicians who were capable in governing the country.

Dr.Jayadi Nas, KPU chairman of South Sulawesi, said that preaching and politics were the second strategic tactics and they had to be power that was not necessarily a concern because both were two mutual forces strengthening both of them and became missionary movement of enforcing the right and stopping the wrongdoing.

Syamsibar, head of mental and spiritual bureau expected that the preachers were to make this mission as the capital strength for community empowerment, especially in the fight against drugs that was currently a major threat in the community.