Almost breaks the record, Muhammadiyah North Sumatra successfully circumcised 2308 boys

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, July 08, 2011 12:28 WIB

Medan – Mass circumcision carried out by Laziswa North Sumatra Muhammadiyah in collaboration with the Daily Post North Sumatra, regional executive of Muhammadiyah Medan, Regional executive of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Faculty of Law UMSU, Faculty of Medicine UMSU, Joko Tingkir Task Force of North Sumatra, Faculty of Medicine USU, Faculty of Medicine UISU, General Hospital (RSU) Imelda, Mother and Child Hospital (RSIA) As-Salam, Muhammadiyah Hospital, the Presidium of the North Medan Society (PMMU) and Public Health Medan made its the historical record.  Mass circumcision launched in 27 locations in Medan simultaneously starting at 8:30 until 19:00 was historically recorded as the largest mass circumcision outside Java. 2308 people participated in mass circumcision were close to the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) record with the number of participants reached 2637 people in Wonosobo (Central Java).

''Thanks to all who gave support to the event of mass circumcision last 29 June. This mass circumcision was the largest outside Java,'' said the coordinator of the Ottoman Committee accompanied by a number of other committees such as Dean of FH UMSU Farid Wajdi, EO Coordinator Daily Post North Sumatra, Deddi Mulia Purba, Executive Director of Operation of Laziswa North Sumatra Muhammadiyah Zakirman ST, Chairman Joko Tingkir Task Force North Sumatra Soekirmanto SH, RSIA Director dr. Tomi Salam at the Secretariat of Regional executive of North Sumatra Muhammadiyah, yesterday.

Ottomans expressed that the committee had give a maximum effort in this mass circumcision event. There were still number of obstacles during the event. ''We apologize if the participants of mass circumcision and the family were not optimally served by the committee. Yet, the event could run well,'' he said.

Coordinator of this committee said, the participants of mass circumcision could remove the bandage by  Friday (1 / 7) at Imelda Hospital Bhayangkara Jalan Medan, RSIA As-Salam Flamboyan Raya Tanjung Selamat Avenue Melati Market Medan, RSU Muhammadiyah Mandala By Pass avenue Medan and Public health service in Medan.

 “This mass circumcision carried out makes the participant family to remove the bandage by their own. However, if the family hesitates to do it, they may come to  RSU / RSIA or health center for free. Mayor of Medan Drs H Rahudman Harahap MM accompanied Regional Health Service when reviewing a mass circumcision on Pertiwi avenue Medan has instructed public health center to serve the removing of participants’ mass circumcision bandage,'' he said.

Ottoman added, the event of mass circumcision was early planned followed over 2700 potential participants, but some turned out while other did not meet the medical criteria. There were also candidates feeling afraid be circumcised. ''Among those circumcised participants there were seven participants from non-Muslim people, three men were in Sidorame, two people in Simalingkar B and the other two in RSIA Salam. There were also a new Muslim convert who was circumcised in the West Sidorame and a woman circumcised in the East Medan.

He also explained the four participants experiencing a mass circumcision bleeding; one in Sei B, Sei Sikambing C, Griya Martubung and West Sidorame had already addressed to the Sari Mutiara Hospital, Imelda General Hospital and local physicians. ''If there are people who still experience problems after circumcision, he may refer to the Muhammadiyah Hospital,'' he explained.

Chairman of the Task Force Joko Tingkir Sumut Soekirmanto SH expressed gratitude to the committees in social service activity like grand mass circumcision last 29 June. “The social service coincided with the commemoration of Israk Mi'raj is very useful by the community especially those from the underprivileged community,'' said Soekirmanto.