Imam of Masjid al Haram preaches at UM Malang Lecturer-Employee Islamic Study

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, July 06, 2011 10:53 WIB

Imam (leader of prayer in Islam, red.) of Masjidil Haram Mecca, Sheikh Saud Ibrahim Al-Surain visited the campus of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Saturday (7/2). It was not the first visit from imam of the Muslim’s worship center worldwide. In the previous years, the previous imams also came to UMM, especially to the Mosque of AR Fachruddin.

Because the event coincided with the momentum of UMM monthly Islamic teaching, Sheikh Saud was lined up to speak in front of the lecturers and staffs before the resource person from PP Muhammadiyah, Dr. Haedar Nasir. UMM Rector, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy led the event which was attended by more than 500 audiences in the theater room of UMM Dome.
Rector stated the visit was an honor. Thus, he thanked for it. "On the behalf of the UMM, I would like to thank Sheikh Saud Ibrahim Al-Surain who have been willing to establish closer cooperation with the UMM," said Muhadjir. He introduced UMM; its achievements, its number of lecturers and students to Sheikh Saud.
Sheikh Saud was deeply pleased to be greeted so warmly by the UMM lecturers and staffs. In his speech, he mentioned the name used by the university, "Muhammadiyah". According to him, this name brings large consequences.
"It is about the attribution of the name Muhammad used by the UMM. Therefore, UMM must have a different tradition to another campus because the attribution is something different and special," said Sheikh Saud.
Furthermore, Sheikh Saud said that God sent Prophet Muhammad for us to be followed. Thus, it becomes our duty to construct all the things in this campus to refer to the examples of the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone who joins this campus means to emulate and uphold the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone who follows the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad would not go astray. Therefore, when we chose Muhammad as a name, then we should see if the teaching here is in conformity with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. We can judge people who understand and do not understand, and then we can also distinguish between those who attribute and do not attribute the Prophet Muhammad.
"Then you (UMM, red.) has a different mission from another campus," said Sheikh Saud.
Getting a lecture from the imam, the Rector invited the UMM lecturers and staffs to further explore again the teachings of Muhammad. The imam reminded that the name Muhammadiyah brings big consequences which should be fulfilled by all the UMM academic community. It is not necessarily that all of us are aware of that consequence. "Thank to Sheikh Saud who has reminded us again," said Muhadjir.
Meanwhile, the Islamic teaching filled by the Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nasir briefly took place. Haedar also reminded the audience to look back on Muhammadiyah name. The name was chosen because the Prophet taught us not only worship, but also being a figure that was born to build a civilization. In Islam, aqidah (faith to God, red.) always has a correlation with muamalah (human’s relation with other creatures, red.). The correlation would be able to build an Islamic civilization.
"Islam is a religion of civilization, a religion that will be valid until the end of time," said Haedar. That was why he also stressed us to carry the message of the Prophet.

Associated with preparation for Ramadan, Haedar invited Muslims to carry it out with intention and awareness. In fasting, there is a process of sublimation, i.e. the readiness of spiritual aspect. Otherwise, the fasting would only be a dry routine that comes regularly.