UM Jakarta Rector inaugurates Health and Medicine Faculty Clinic

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, June 27, 2011 13:11 WIB

Jakarta-Faculty of Health and Medicine UMJ was not just a place for its students to deepen their knowledge on health and medicine. Through the inauguration of FKK UMJ Clinic on Monday (20 / 6) yesterday, FKK UMJ was now be closer to people. "By the opening of the clinic as a place of health services for public to show UMJ existence on its significant contribution to the community," explained Chairman of the FKK UMJ Clinic Executive Committee Inauguration, dr. Pitut Apriliani Savitri.

The Clinic was located at Jl. Raya Ciputat No. 27A South Tangerang city served health care, among others, general medicine, dental medicine, health education and health consultations. FKK UMJ clinic was inaugurated by the UMJ Rector, Prof. Dr. Hj. Masyitoh, M.Ag and was attended by Economic Affairs and Development of South Tangerang Drs. H. Ahadi, MM representing the Mayor of Tangerang who was unable to attend, all leaders and UMJ employees.

In his speech Pitut said that the existence of the clinic was in accordance with community needs for health and also as a place to practice for FKK UMJ students. Pitut stressed on the importance of services, "The clinic will prefer the excellent service", continued Pitut.

In line with Pitut, Vice Dean I dr. Anwar Wadi Warongan, Sp.S stressed the importance of management. Anwar also believes the development of primary healthcare clinic a specialist clinic. Given this clinic Anwar said, "The clinic will be a referral center for people who want to seek treatment in a better place". Anwar also hopes that the clinic could serve as place for scientific development, especially in terms of research.

Ahadi expected the synergy between the Regional Government of South Tangerang city with FKK UMJ Clinic, further he said, "The opening of this clinic in accordance with the plan of government is to improve people’s health at south Tangerang ".

Masyitoh says that she is ready to support the South Tangerang Government. "There are three important domains namely health, economy and education. Those three were concerns and attention of our government (UMJ / Muhammadiyah, red). We also want to have a teaching hospital," she said before the FKK UMJ clinic opened. (