IMM to be embryo of Muhammadiyah Cadre: Ton Abdillah

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, June 25, 2011 20:04 WIB

Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM) Ton Abdillah Haz, ST, took a part in the National Leader Meeting of Muhammadiyah Higher Education  (PTM) in the field of student affairs at UMM starting today (25/06) until tomorrow. In the presence of more than 100 participants PTM leader, Ton conveyed an ideal position of IMM in the PTM.

According to Ton, alumni of UMM, IMM has a very strategic ideological role in PTM. Of the 155 PTM, it was very potential area for IMM to grow Muhammadiyah ideology. "However, we must admit that Muhammadiyah and its PTM is opened for all group of society then the ideology can be various. Thus, IMM must play its role to repress whole ideology in it, such as radical and fundamental ideology,” Ton gave an example.


Ideally, IMM in PTM, Ton said, must become the main stream. So far, the condition could be read by IMM role in cadre supervising at PTM was by digging out and mentoring their potency in order not to be taken by the other groups with their own personal interest.  


Ton indicated that there were some successful groups were playing their role through campuses by taking out the Muhammadiyah cadre. In a short term, they will spawn new overseas doctors for their good maintain and approach far before they went to overseas. Staying there, they also conducted the recruitment on other Indonesian students in order to follow their movement next when they coming back to Indonesia. “I think it is so brilliant if Muhammadiyah can apply it,” he added.


DPP IMM, Ton said, would continue to strengthen the ideal cadre system and mechanism to be applied in PTM. However, he also declared that different condition of PTM made him think over of different system for different PTM was really needed. For him, no matter what the way applied, the ideology must be the same. “The operational modus can be various; the main point, IMM should be the main stream. Even we cannot force Muhammadiyah students to be IMM cadre, however they recognize and do not fight against IMM,” he declared.


Ton claimed that his period was quite successful in spreading the wing on the cadre system at state university (PTN). In addition, he targeted, at 2012, there would no PTN without IMM in it.  According to him, the mission mentioned was very important due to challenging preach would be faced and of course, it had wider effect.  “Commonly, IMM cadre at PTM will be more militant and growing faster,” said Ton. He then took example of IMM cadre at UI, IPB, and UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. At Malang, IMM cadre was also well developed such as at UB, UM, and UIN Maliki.


Nevertheless, Ton really realized that some IMM cadre’s behavior flamed up the PTM itself. Such condition might not be blowed up, however, IMM cadres were very love Muhammadiyah as a venue of movement, and then, if there were critics, Ton hoped, it was maturing process. “Instead of those phenomena, we really hope leader’s attention on IMM at PTM to be strengthened, minimally, if there were agendas, leaders can set a time to see or even control in a minute to support the whole cadres,” he hoped.

“IMM cadre is an Muhammadiyah embryo to be for the future. Neglecting IMM means putting aside on Muhammadiyah itself,” stated Ton, cadre from Pekanbaru, Riau briefly.