Minimizing Risks, UMY Students assambly Spying Robot

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, June 22, 2011 21:22 WIB

Yogyakarta- Image shooting and video technology is growing. However, it is likely dangerous to do image or video shooting in collapsed buildings or tunnels due to risks such as injury or accidents to the shooter.

Therefore, as attempts to reduce the level of risk, Student of Electrical Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Mohammed Yusvin Mustar was encouraged to make a tank-shaped robot using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Wireless camera and microcontroller. With these tools, risk of accidents when taking pictures or video could be reduced.

Yusvin said through his robot, people could monitor and found the conditions directly of suspected dangerous place. "For example, for almost collapsed building, the robot can be remotely controlled so that people can still monitor the situation if the building is safe to enter or not. In addition, the robot also serves to determine whether in the room there are dangerous objects, such as bombs. So when it is indeed dangerous, then the risk of accidents can be reduced., "He said when met at the Integrated Campus UMY on Wednesday (22 / 6).

He said, basically his robot aims to facilitate and make easy of image and video shooting done by humans. "Especially in places that have high levels of vulnerability causing harm or difficulty." Yusvin explained.

Yusvin explained that people did not need to enter these dangerous places, just simply move the robot uses a remote control camera from the outside. "So people can know what is in the room through a robot monitoring camera whose pictures can be viewed on screen or laptop computer. Through these images, people can take decisions or actions that need to be done after seeing the conditions described by the robot." He added.

Related to how the robot worked, Yusvin explained that the robot was switched on by pushed the red button placed on the rear right side of the robot. While on the remote, it was located on the front of the white remote.

"Once the robot and the remote are turned on, then all the control systems are checked. It starts running the robot navigation system, you can try running the drive system and the robotic camera and last to try the crash sensor system. If there are problems, the tools can be double-checked back for each the system function properly. Furthermore, if all systems can work well, then you can switch on the configuration on the computer or laptop, "he explained.

Configuring yourcomputer or laptop with a wireless link between the CCTV system contained on the robot with a computer or laptop as a media appearance data. Wireless is a tool that connects two devices to exchange data or voice without using a cable media. "Stringing tools support for displaying audio and video data. After all function can work well the robot is ready for use," he said.

Inhis saying, the robot could move forwards, backwards to the right or left. "The camera used was also able to move to the right, left, up, down. People can move it using the remote." He added.

This robotcould work on the optimal conditions for a distance of 1-11 meters. "When running the robot without using a robotic camera drive system and crash sensors can work in conditions of maximum distance of 1-27 meters," he said.

Yusvinadded that this robot could operate in two places both within and outside the room. "In addition, the robot is equipped with crash sensors in the form of switches placed on the front, rear, left and right side of the robot. When the sensor robot hit a hurdle in front or side, then the sensor in the remote control will light up so that we can know the robot got a hurdle. "he said. (