Muhammadiyah Bone, encouraged Farming Empowerment Program

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, June 13, 2011 16:43 WIB

Bone-Councilfor Community EmpowermentBoneMuhammadiyah, developed an integratedagriculturalfriendlyenvironment (integrative Farming) incooperationwiththe governmentof Bone regency, saidAmboRappe, SE, Vice chairman of regionalexecutive of MuhammadiyahBoneaccompanied bysome officials in a friendly visit of Chairman ofMuhammadiyahMPMSouth Sulawesi, HusniYunus, accompaniedby Drs.H.ArafahPatauandHM.AliAkbar, Headof BusinessUnitMPMMuhammadiyahSouth Sulawesi, at MPMsecretariatJl.Sununo. 150makassar, ahad(06/12/2011).

AmboRappe, SE, Bone Muhammadiyahvice chairman, said that currently MPM Bone Muhammadiyah has direct assistance on rice farmers, fish farmers and peasant farmers with environmentally friendly patterns of integrated farming using farm waste and sewage waste of fruits and vegetables cooperated with local markets, of course, with the aim to support the regent of Bone with green city and the development of integrated farming along with increasing levels of agricultural production, aquaculture and livestock, so Muhammadiyah program and government to address the root problems of society in releasing farmers from poverty.

HusniYunus, MPMchairman of Muhammadiyah Sulsel, expected MPM administrators Muhammadiyah Bone to further enhance cooperation with the district government of Bone in to improve society with an integrated agricultural program, which was a program to provide agricultural economic change, because this program had been able to provide solutions for local district / city fostered MPM Muhammadiyah.