Press Release of Muhammadiyah Youth Central Executive in Environment Day

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, June 06, 2011 18:06 WIB

In the midst of the elite leaders acting out political acrobatics, they might have forgotten environmental issues, people welfare as a living thing which was a bit neglected, or other living creatures, would they still care about environmental problems ?????, Environmental problems will not cease to haunt our lives, Indonesia is one country that has the most complicated environmental problems, whereas a variety of biological growth with a wide range, forests, marine life, plants, animals to a variety of types of mines, biodiversity is destroyed even destroyed for the sake of business gradually and continuously, we can see various cases of environmental problems that plagued this country involving number of companies, both domestic and overseas companies in recent years have been causing many environmental cases, almost all regions in Indonesia, it arises in conjunction with the number of corruption cases that hit in some areas dragging a leader in areas such as governors, mayors, district heads.

Justice for the environment has not touched the parties responsible for dragging even actors eiter individual business or small-scale actors such large-scale business enterprise, involving many parties, the practice of collusion between policy makers, companies and local police officers already spread in business practices that can damage the environment, in addition to legal protection, legislation product right now is not at together with the national interest to preserve the environment, but rather to be concerned with foreign interests, so that the product of this law could lead into practices which can destroy this biodiversity existing throughout life in Indonesia.

The executive board of Muhammadiyah youth center has seen Ministry of environment and forestry minister as hand of the government in environmental affairs, has yet to work up, tree planting campaigns, environmental campaigns currently running are activities that are very useful, even though they are instant and to benefit futures, but there are still many cases of illegal logging happening in some areas in Indonesia, forest fires, landslides, flash floods still occur as well, then the problem of waste, daily wastes produced by people come and become a view that is less pleasing to the eyes, has become a spectacle for free every day, it is due to poor management from policy makers. Industrial wastes, household or medium-scale industry and above have bee part of the environment around us.

In this environment day Muhammadiyah Youth Leadership Center forced the government in particular ministry of environment and forestry in terms of preserving and protecting the environment as it is increasingly critical for biological diversity in Indonesia's environment, for the government to take firm and legal policies and punish parties, either companies or other individual for doing business to be responsible for environmental damage. And law enforcement officials in charge of handling environmental cases such as previous experience of environmental issues brought to court, judges often impose not guilty for the companies or the perpetrators of environmental destruction, to avoid this incident should not have happened, it needs court judge assigned to handle problems environment must be qualified and expert in the field of environment, and need firm action, real and concrete to punish the company, either domestic company or foreign company. In lieu of penalties for companies associated with damage to the environment in order to replace or open green spaces as much as possible in Indonesia, efforts to restore the function of a variety of biological organisms in our environment,

Hopefully in the environment today could be a pillar of justice for diverse biological environments in the world, particularly in Indonesia for the sustainability of its environmental habitats can be preserved and kept together.

This is Muhammadiyah Youth Central Executive Press Release within the framework of the Environment day


    Jakarta, 5 June 2011


The Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Youth

Forestry and Environmental Affair


                                  Chairman,                                                                                                 Secretary,


                                         Signed                                                                                                                                 Signed


    Zulkarnaen Nasution, Lc                                                               Azis Abdul Azis Anshari