UMM Performs Home Repair for a Poor Widow in Ponorogo

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, June 06, 2011 16:03 WIB

Concerned with the community condition at Ponorogo Regency, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is beckoned to take the role. In some villages, there was 'absolute' poverty and some people were got mental retardation due to malnutrition, along with the number of children dropping out of school were quite apprehensive. The mass media were often in exposing these conditions; in addition, various parties had made alleviation efforts, including community, local government up to the political parties.


The Programs of Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM) UMM focused on several points that were considered as urgent problems to get solved. One of the problems existed in the remote area of Sidowayah, Sidoharjo Village, Jambon District, Ponorogo. "There were some families with the members who have mental disabilities, they were no longer able to work, furthermore, their house was crashed without being able to do anything. Mbah Kunthing, one of the residents there, two of her children were having problems. One of them got dementia disease while one another person was an idiot. In addition, mbah Kunthing’s house had been broken down, flat on the ground, "said The Director of DPPM UMM, Prof Dr. Bambang Widagdo, MM.


Together with the local community, DPPM UMM team observed and reconstructed the house. The action taken was on program of 'Home Surgery'. Mbah Kunthing house was demolished and rebuilt by the expense of UMM. Now on, that 4.5 x 8 meters house area had been sturdy standing and even then suitable to be resided, it was also completed with its furniture.


"We built the house with the calculation of habitable facet and consideration of functional aspects as a healthy home, aesthetic with materials that are readily available on the site around it," explained the team member of ‘House Surgery’, Dr. Adi Sutatanto, MP. That consideration was to educate people around about being able to do the same thing without any trouble of materials and its way of manufacture.

Moreover, UMM also assist the neighboring community of mbah Kunthing with 75 packages of food, giving medical checkup and treatment in free of charge, doing the arrangement of environmental hygiene, and handing over 10 female goats ready to mate. The goats were handed over to a group called "Risen Sidowayah Forum ". Through their coordination, animals were provided with a model of "akon-akon", where the ownership will roll every two births. "This will help local people learn to develop their own potency as a breeder," continued Adi.

Meanwhile, the award ceremony of UMM home assistance to mbah Kunthi will be held on Sunday (5 / 6) afternoon in the Sidoharjo Village. At the event, a concept made was inviting the Regents Head and Muspika of Ponorogo. Likewise, community leaders and local village head would also take part in events run by local communities with UMM's cost.


Bambang Widagdo explained the intention of helping people in Ponorogo came up when the mass media heavily reported about the suffering of a citizen named mbah Temu. Through the Development Program of Unlivable Houses (RTLH), UMM really want to dissect the house. In fact, on the process, those ideas were taken by a political party. However, the program was still ongoing and the team of UMM seek other people who suffered a similar fate. Finally, it was found that more people suffer, that was a widow called as mbah Kunthing. Then, UMM quickly take steps to save mbah Kunthing to build her house. The surrounding communities who had been very concerned with the fate of that masseur were very supportive, they worked together to build her house.

"We did not want to stop by. Later, we will also send students who will serve learning to assist communities in managing the environment, education, and economics. We will accompany our best, "said Bambang.