The weak of People's Character, the symbol of Nation Degradation: Malik Fajar

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, May 25, 2011 13:59 WIB

Jakarta-Education characters in effort of strengthening national significantly need to be implemented as it might determine the nation in the future, with strong character people then, would bolster the nation's development. Conversely, the weak character of a nation, will be the deciding factor for the nation's moral decline.

It was expressed by chairman of Muhammadiyah's central executive Abdul Malik Fadjar in his speech at the workshop Implementing Character Education in Schools, held by Muhammaidyah University Professor. Dr. HAMKA, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (05/25/2011). According to Malik Fadjar, so far the Indonesian people had been familiar with character education long before the Indonesian independence, education would be flowing in the cultivation of character and taught from generation to generation. "Long before Indonesia's independence, character education has been built, which will unite and form a nation's civilization," he explained.

Furthermore, the former Minister of National Education mentioned that character education could also be very useful in instilling the never-give-up values ​, because it had been proved in many histories of both Indonesia and the world. Occupation, which ended with the unification and independence of the Indonesian nation, according to Malik, and Japan disarray after the U.S. bombardments and also ended with a remarkable resurgence, indicating the strength of character that had been planted early.