Student of Engeneering Faculty UMY desgins Eternal Prayer Digital Clock

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, May 24, 2011 14:43 WIB

Yogyakarta-Getting the idea to provide synchronization between religious knowledge and techniques that can benefit the community, students majoring in Electrical, Faculty of Engineering, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY), Aries Gunawan makes digital prayer timer devices.

This was said by Aries when revealing the results of his research on Prayer Timer Digital, at UMY campus on Tuesday (24 / 5).

He said that his work was a portable product that could be handled easily and concisely so that it was different from other prayer timer technology that used computer, alarm clock, and mobile phones.

According to Aries, the arrival time of the fardlu prayer preceded by voice of pray calling in all mosques, all directions. When prayer was not always the same or changed each month due to prayer based on the reference position of the sun and this cycle would be repeated in each year.

"Therefore, we recognize the eternal prayer time issued by the Department of Religious Affairs from January to December and is usually accompanied by a correction time - the time difference between areas in a way to add or reduce the number of minutes with a specific value - for the region different, "said Aries.

However, he acknowledged the five-time-Prayer a day usually in printed form and included in the calendar. In its development, other than by the muezzin’s call to prayer could also be invoked directly by an electronic device as a tool for prayer time reminders like on the radio and television broadcasts.

Aries added that Prayer Digital timer works just like an alarm clock that would sound at the same time at the reference time, this Digital Prayer five times a day would alarm when it entered the dawn prayer times, noon prayer, afternoon prayers, dusk prayer and eveningprayer. "The timw was adjusted with reference to prayer in eternal prayer time made in the data base of electronic devices and electronic devices fitted at the RTC or Real Time Clock that would always show the precise time and carry a sound of azan automatically when entering the prayer time," he explained.

Aries digital prayer timer creation was strung together using microcontroller or in displayed with LCD, RTC, and MP3 player and MicroSD memory module to store voice recordings and sound azan call to prayer at dawn prayers or other fardlu prayers. "The advantage or advantages of this tool compared with the computer application software that already exist was the absence of computer to run the program as it worked its own (stand alone)," he explained. The advantage of the features of this mobile phone was this device capability of displaying real time and could once run a call to prayer five times a day without setting up again.

Aries confirmed that this tool was suitable for use in offices and in the hospital making it easier for them to find their prayer time without having to set the time as shown on the alarm clock.