STIKES Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin visits UM Jakarta

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, May 24, 2011 14:34 WIB

Jakarta-Drs.Zulkifli Mustaba, M. Pd and Yustan Azidin, S. Kep, Ners - representing the College of Health Sciences (STIKES) Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin as Team Establishment of Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin (UMB) - visit UMJ in order to maintain friendship and request for human resources support due the establishment of UMB on last Monday (23/5). The visit was well welcome by UMJ executives represented by Vice Rector I Kahar Maranjaya, SH., MH., Vice Rector III Ir. Sularno, M.Sc., Vice Rector IV Rohimi Zamzam, S. Psi., M Ed, Dean of FKK dr. Syafri Guricci, M.Sc., Dean of the FIP Herwina Bahar, M.Ag., Vice Dean Faculty of Social Sofiyandi Zakaria, M. Psi., And Dir. Adm. Academic Dra. Rismiyati.

During the visit at the Rectorate Hall Fl.1, the team applied for human resource assistance of UMB Establishment in term of sending lecturers to teach in several areas of study in the further established faculties as requirement for next university. Lecutrers qualifications required in the establishment of UMB, according Mustaba, must have already completed a minimum education level strata of two (S2).

In more detail Team Establishment of UMB disclose shortages of lecturer number for some courses, namely, S1 Nursing - six lecturers (met), S1 Pharmacy - 4, S1 / D3 Midwifery  - 5 lecturers, S1 and Health Hiperkes - six lecturers (met), S1 Computer Science - 6 lecturers, S1 Psychology - 6 lecturers, 5 lecturers in S1 Mathematics, S1 English Language Education - 5 lecturers, S1 Indonesian Language and Literature Education – 4 lecturers, S1 PAUD (Early Childhood Education) - 6 lecturers, 6 lecturers of S1 Communication and S1 Mining 6 lecturers.

Responding to the request, A Kahar Maranjaya explained that for sending lecturers, according to the rule is not allowed, because there will be double duty from concerned lecturer. "For the solution, we must look for competence and commitment S2 UMJ alumnus", he explained. Sofiyandi also added that lecturers must have a background as a cadre of Muhammadiyah. Strictly speaking, though UMJ can not send lecturer but it might find solutions for its fellow PTM,” disclosed by Guricci, "UMJ as the oldest PTM shall assist the newly developed one", he asserted